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  1. Hello, Can Stolberg counties be added to the list of German States registry sets? Most interesting sets probably would be: Thalers, Stolberg-Wernigerode, Commemorative Issues Thalers, Stolberg-Wernigerode, Circulation Issues Gold Ducates, Stolberg-Wernigerode Gold Ducates, Stolberg-Stolberg Fractional Ducates, Stolberg-Stolberg (maybe unify with Gold Ducates under same set) Fractional Ducates, Stolberg-Rossla 200 years of Reformation by Martin Luther, Stolberg-Stolberg, Commemorative Issue of 1717 Best regards
  2. Thank you, guys. I decided to send it for grading, and it seems it either could be an expensive mistake (mostly in form of grading expenses) or a little bit of luck. Before sending I was able to determine that mint mark is likely to be 'D'. Interesting, if it's a double strike could such mint error worth some extra premium? So far plan is if it's a mint error and worth a grand or two I would probably sell it to cover collecting expenses. If the coin won't be graded, well in such case it would be a hundred dollars lesson. Six Mile Rick, I would be able to send more pictures in a month or so once the coin is back from grading. Hopefully, I sent it in time to get a free Trueview image from the grading company, so if it's a real deal we would have a better look.
  3. Hello, Found this worn 1916 (D or S) buffalo nickel. There is appears to be a doubled die mint error on the reverse of the coin. I'm new to collecting, trying to find out if it's a mint error (some folks voiced an opinion that such effect is due to a scratch from rolling machine), and if it's a mint error should this coin be sent for grading in such worn condition. Any advice is appreciated.