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  1. @ERICtheRED I'm on your side for this. This is not acceptable and they need to take care of this for you. To some here, the COA doesn't matter, but others like myself, I like COA for certain things. Contact the NGC employees that are on this site and see what they can do for you, this is not right.
  2. congrats on inheriting some coins especially gold coins!
  3. I have one or two coins I believe with the Wings sticker. I don't actively look for them plus they aren't as common as CAC stickers are for US coins. I would just call it a bonus it has a sticker but not necessary unless this changes in the future.
  4. congrats! You have a amazing Belgian Congo collection!
  5. congrats on the grade Deposito! Collect the way you like and enjoy the hobby!
  6. that sucks that this coin was taken out of the old fatty and crossed over. Looked nice in that NGC holder
  7. OP please send this in to NGC and get it authenticated!! If real you'll be really happy plus it looks pretty nice if real
  8. great results and those coins look great in those NGC holders!
  9. I want to see a world registry that allows both pcgs and ngc coins!!
  10. hey newcomer these are not in great condition and honestly just worth 1 cent each
  11. Vcoins is a respectable site, so is ma-shops and also CNG. Those 3 sites will provide you all the ancients you may want.
  12. nice set to do with your kid and they have nice designs!!