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  1. Both are fine, I have my world crowns in both holders.
  2. Love the NGC photo visions! They are getting better and better.
  3. congrats on the results! I'm sure your very pleased!
  4. Congrats Iceman! How about some pics of your icelandic coins!
  5. wish something like this happened to me!
  6. Well, were you happy with the grades? PICS!
  7. iceman, when you get the submissions back please post pics!
  8. OP please do what coinbuf mentioned.....don't buy coins as an investment. Buy numismatic coins because you like the history and design of it. The bonus is that they usually have some value. I have many coins and I will lose out on $$$$ when it comes down to selling in the future but I didn't buy them for that purpose. I enjoy them and they are much better than me wasting money on other things.
  9. I read somewhere that most likely the policy will be changed. They stand to lose a lot of money.
  10. I wonder if NGC would slab this money tree? Doesn't even have to have a grade, just something to protect it, I could see it being very fragile.