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  1. Taken from a blog. Reseaqrch California Fractional Gold. Identifying Fake California Gold The photo above features a genuine California Fractional Gold piece with a US currency denomination on the reverse and a fake piece, or replica, on the right with a bear symbol, which is not from the 19th century, not gold and most assuredly not from California. It was listed in a Proxibid auction has "1855 Cal. Gold Token." At best, this should have been listed as a "plated gold or brass replica." If you spot a bear on the reverse, or any other symbol or text without an indication of denomination, such as "dollar," "dol." or even "d," my advice is not to bid more than $1. My local coin dealer sells them for that much, and he has a box of them.
  2. Insane Asylum? Working at the Mint must have been really stressful! Great and very informative post, thanks.
  3. Maybe I don't understand. Why would Mr. Carr stamp his product "copy"? Copy of what? The 1985 SAE doesn't exist so what exactly is Mr. Carr copying?
  4. You don't need a translation. "thanks in advance" should tell you all ya need to know.
  5. Lot of new folks who need help authenticating their coins. Awful lot.
  6. Are these posts some sort of tests?
  7. At least it wasn't found in an old safe in a 200 year old store.
  8. I afraid I have to be a skeptic. I would NEVER buy another ICG coin as long as I live. I bought 3 CC Trade Dollars, 1 @ AU 53, 1 @ AU 50 and 1 @ EF 40. Sent them in to NGC and they came back "Details - Cleaned". Cracked them out and sent them to PCGS and all came back "Details - Cleaned". No wonder the seller said No Returns.
  9. I hope you stay also. Always enjoyed your posts.
  10. "If you can't say some thing nice"............ Words to live by folks.
  11. Mr. Feld, I've been in this hobby far too long to ever believe the buyer is going to place the odds strongly in my favor.
  12. "My guess is that a large percentage of potential buyers for your coins won’t have concerns about authenticity or whether the holders are chip imbedded." What will this large percentage of potential buyers be concerned about?