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  1. Alex in PA.

    Grading Period

    Is there any way I can tell, from the information on the holder, the approximate date my coin was graded. Thanks in advance for any help given.
  2. Alex in PA.

    1921 Morgan MS65 PL

    Very nice coin; you did well.
  3. Alex in PA.

    To Track...

    The return of the Pony Express perhaps?
  4. Alex in PA.

    To Track...

    1890 CC PCGS AU 53 and I have an 1981 CC NGC AU 58; got some CC Eagles and Double Eagles. Love that Carson City gold. Alaska? Just returned to PA after a 35 year stint in Anchorage. Really miss it.
  5. Alex in PA.

    A huge thank you NGC & NCS

    Amazing; good job NGC & NCS. Glad things have turned around for you Joe. Good luck.
  6. Alex in PA.

    To Track...

    Sorry you have to under go this kind of frustration Lincolnman. Had this happen to me twice now. Has to be a better way.
  7. Alex in PA.

    how to register American coins from Mexico

    Can't find anything either Bob. Perhaps she means like claiming them on your taxes as investments? Sorry I couldn't help.
  8. Alex in PA.

    Chinese auction fakes

    Thanks for the heads up. Good job.
  9. Alex in PA.

    Pre 1933 Gold

    What Matt says. If it were up to me and there was no damage that I could see I would take the chance and have them graded. This is just my opinion of this matter.
  10. Alex in PA.

    Sample slabs

    Wasn't here in the old days but welcome back and pleased to meet you.
  11. Alex in PA.

    A shout out to NGC

    Glad to hear it.
  12. Alex in PA.

    ancien chinese silver coins on sell

    Sure thing.
  13. Still learning the ropes.

  14. I would like very much to take that course and if given by NGC, PCGS or ANA I'm sure it would be worth the money. Let us know how it works out for you.
  15. Alex in PA.

    Is paper money graded too?

    Be it coins or currency today's collector is at a disadvantage unless he, or she, is an experienced grader/evaluator. I started collecting coins in the mid 60's with my first Peace dollar. Even today, with all my experience, I won't buy a 'raw' coin unless I can see it in hand and even then it's still a toss up. The counterfeiters of coins are getting that good. I've seen a lot of 'raw' notes on EBay and wonder how many? Thanks very much for sharing your expertise; I hope our OP took something from this.