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  1. Well guys, I do think, all things aside, that we will hear from the OP in question again. I do hope that he or she enjoyed this as much as I did. Y'all take care guys.
  2. There are some rather beautiful coins and beauty is, as always, in the eye of the looker. Yes, I agree, as with all there's the hype but every auction and sale has it. I have no time for 'Partially Prooflike' or 'Prooflike'. These terms are used to boost the asking price of what is, in my opinion, nothing more than a good looking Business Strike. If it's not Proof - it ain't.
  3. Stick around. This one's really interesting. We have a OP that has two screen names. I'm shocked.
  4. Quintus: I watch and wait for the continuation of this saga. "mad scientist VKurtB's experimentation with acid baths and, quite frankly, his magical collection of fonts from which he drew that outsized "ME"! " I love it! Good show. PS: There's some people on this forum who get a little touchy about things. I first signed on in 2002 and by 2005 I was gone. Guess it just gets too heated. Besides, people should have found the humor in this. And BTW folks there a tens of thousands of posters out there operating under various nomme de guerres
  5. To those who post in this forum I wish to express my heart felt gratitude for providing this amount of entertainment.
  6. RWB has hit the nail on the head with this one. If I read that on a sellers page I'd be gone right quick. Proof huh?
  7. I don't usually comment but.....a coin that beautiful and not in a PCGS or NGC slab. Send it in and see.
  8. Very nice. Thanks for posting this. Always interested in the historical.
  9. What Coinbuf said. $64.50 for $19.00 worth of silver. Ummm.