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  1. Some really great finds you got there; congrats.
  2. A decade or so ago I made the border crossing at Sumas 10 times both ways and I found the US & Canadian agents to be fairly professional and mostly courteous. One time coming back a US agent was a little tense with me but noting that couldn't be tolerated. The Canada - Alaska crossing was pretty much the same. So Canadacoins123 welcome and I hope your visit is pleasant.
  3. You can buy a PNG certified AU 55 EPQ for 70.00 on EBay right now.
  4. I insure for what the NGC or PCGS Price Guide says; for ANACS, IGC what I paid for plus a bit. I have some great Postal workers who informed me don't expect what you are claiming. Take a good guess so you may get most of what you paid back.
  5. I ship to NGC & PCGS in US Postal Service 'Priority Mail' boxes. They are easy to work with and I can fit a small amount of coins in those little coin mailer cardboards. I then use glass reinforced tape to secure the box. Hope this tidbit helps.
  6. The lowest Buy It Now 1909 $10 Indian on EBay is a PCGS MS 63 @ $1500.00. Please direct me to those selling for $600.00 and I'll jump on that.
  7. Right you are; it's possible that a counterfeit could contain the same weight in gold but...... as I said I wouldn't pay $600.00 fpr a fake I'd rather pay additional $300.00 for an authentic Indian in MS shape. Thanks for your reply. Well know for sure now that the OP s having them graded. The smart way IMO>
  8. $600.00 for a 'Lebanese' counterfeit $10 Indian? I don't know who you showed it to but right there I'd be a little suspicious of the transaction. You can buy a PCGS or NGC AU 58 for $849.00 today. I wouldn't pay anyone $600.00 for a fake. Just IMHO.
  9. Geezo, stop feeding the troll. There is no alleged branch mint proof just a picture of a Morgan dollar poached from somewhere. As the man said Travis: "put up or shut up."
  10. An excellent article. I liked the fact that the information is up to date.