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  1. Thank you for your patience as HA.com is now back online. Any auctions currently open or opening soon have updated closing times and will run on the schedules posted at HA.com. You may resume bidding and tracking at this time. Bids placed anytime on Friday may have not been recorded, so please check your MyBids and update accordingly or contact Heritage Client Services for assistance.
  2. Our Email and phone systems are fully operational, and we expect the website to be up soon. We have confirmed that we were the victim of a malware attack. We have no evidence and no reason to believe that there was any unauthorized acquisition of any client or company data. Additionally, client financial information such as credit card numbers and bank account information is maintained and secured by the payment provider. Further, all HA.com passwords are encrypted. All currently affected auctions will be extended or rescheduled, with revised schedules posted once HA.com returns to s
  3. Heritage would like to thank everyone for their patience as we work to restore our website. We apologize for any inconvenience. We have confirmed that we were a victim of a malware attack. Please be aware that client financial information (e.g. credit card, bank account info, etc.) is maintained by a third-party provider and is thus not affected. We expect to be back online soon. All currently affected auctions will be extended or rescheduled, and we will notify everyone accordingly. More updates soon.
  4. We would like your feedback! We have recently changed our search results so that when you roll over the image of the coin, you see closeups of both sides of the coin. Presviously, we showed only the obverse image. What do you think of this change?