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  1. Thank you so much. Just what if a dryer didn't do this. The outer rim is perfect no marks and the thickness of the coin is straight through. It is very thick. What do you think it would be just saying if it is not a dryer coin
  2. I have a 1999d Deleware state quarter that weighs 5.0 and is much smaller than a regular quarter. It has a thick copper like rim that is smooth
  3. Okay thanks just researched what you said and its called a die crack error. Yes they are considered low value but their has been one exception
  4. would this be considered an error coin. Line stemming from the wing under the letter r in America, blurred words on epluribus unum. Mark on the mouth
  5. Is this a natural or artificial toning?
  6. Mantha

    1957 dime

    I think this coin is silver am I right?
  7. Mantha


    I can't seem to find a date for my buffalo nickel. I've heard you can use a solution but I don't want to damage coin. I just can't see any way there is a date on it. Is it possible that there was none. I also found a wartime nickel from 1943 with the p on it.
  8. Are these examples of small and large date? The 7's are totally different and so is the bust of Lincoln. One 7 stems out more and is thinner. The s on the coins are also different amount of spaces apart. I think I have found the small and large date
  9. Darnit lol. Thanks a bunch
  10. Got this coin from store today in my change back. I love these coin finds. Even though I'm a beginner I know when some things just doesn't appear to be right. Like this 1974 washington quarter. It looked like it was damaged on obverse until I flipped it over and realized all sorts of wrongs with this coin. Everything was off on the reverse. I was wanting to know if my eyes were not tricking me and can you tell me that this was made like this.