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  1. Hello, Don't miss this no reserve auction!! I have posted a 1911-D $2.50 NGC MS62 Quarter Eagle. This is one of two MS62's. Only one 63 is graded better in the Weak D variety. The book value runs $6,300-$7,500 on this coin. Take a look!! A rare opportunity to own one of the best in the variety!
  2. I am entertaining offers on my 1911-D "Weak D" $2.50. The coin is the second highest graded Weak D! This is one of two 62's with a single 63 above it.
  3. I agree 100%. I think it would breathe a little life into sales for the mint.
  4. I'm having a similar issue. I understand that NGC doesn't control the mail but they have experience with these sorts of things. My package shows it left Tampa on the 29th but hasn't arrived anywhere as of yet. I called NGC Customer Service to ask them if there is any insight they could offer and the girl was pretty rude. I finally told her she needs to work on her empathy skills. All I wanted to know if it is unusual for a package to be in no-mans land. Registered mail is supposed to be signed off at each stop. The post office response was that the package was "somewhere". Unreal!
  5. This one expires tomorrow! Don't miss it. The bid is currently way below wholesale... It's a Strong C variety with a book of $5,150. Last Heritage was $4,800 for a 55.
  6. Sorry for the sideways pictures. Let me know if you'd like to see additional photos. I have more on the listing but I'm ok with requests too.
  7. Beautiful set! I think British coins are so undervalued and I believe the reason has to do with you governments tax and postal regulations. What's your best price?
  8. My 1854-C $5 AU55 is now posted for a NO RESERVE AUCTION on eBay. This is a much more rare Variety 1 type or otherwise known as "Strong C". Feel free to ask questions here or on the ad. Don't miss this one!
  9. Selling a beautiful Atocha wreck 8 Reales 1613-1616 Potosi Mint. The assayer mark is "Q". Looking for a reasonable offer.
  10. I'm having trouble identifying specifically the year and emperor of this Solidus. If I make the submission with an incorrect identification, does NGC correct it or return? If you happen to know which Solidus this is, I would appreciate that information as well.
  11. Fantastic coin and great find! I purchased a 2 Mark and 1 Mark last week in auction. Can't wait to submit. I'm anticipating AU 55-58 on both. Hoping for a surprise to the upside. I doubt I'll see a 64 though.
  12. Hello, I'm having difficulty in identifying the Solidus in the picture. It's not the best quality pic, sorry. I don't see any spot on matches. Any idea? Thanks in advance!!
  13. 1854-C Half Eagle NGC AU55 Just back from grading. A great auction find. I have some room on this for Forum Members.
  14. I'm pretty sure Michelangelo had it in his pocket while painting the Sistine Chapel. It was given to him as a lunch per diem that he saved by bringing in his own PB&J sandwiches.
  15. I love getting a bargain but this may be my best garage sale purchase ever. A neighbor recently had a garage sale. I stumbled across a box of junk tokens and medallions. In the box was what I thought was fake coin but bought the lot for $10. It turns out the coin is a 1471-74 Venice Trono (Nicolo Trono). All measures appeared to be right so I had it authenticated and graded. Turns out to be VF30 which looks like to best coin of this type I've seen! Now my conscience is bothering me! Ugh! Not enough to tell him though. T