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  1. I had a decent circulated commem type set but lost my posterior when I sold them.
  2. Hey, Lee. I hope life's been good to you. And, nah, I sold most of my collection to buy my house when the housing market was low. I still have just a very few coins and medals but I've kept my modern dollar commem collection up to date. I'm like Mark Feld any more. I can enjoy pics and a story of a good coin and be satisfied. I lost interest in possessing coins because it was just getting too expensive for the remaining type coins needed for my registry. So, now I collect knowledge of history. Plus, I've been doing my genealogy in depth lately. Photo-shopping the results with it in mind to professionally bind them together making a few copies for family. So, I still have the collecting gene but just directing it elsewhere.
  3. Jeff. Brother! Great to see that you're still around. Please, tell me that you still have your Saint collection? That was a work of beauty!
  4. My brother, Mark. And now, my fellow medical field colleague, thank you for your spirit. And, you're welcome. Makes you wonder what's in the air that some of us old-time boardsters kind of meandered our way back to the NGC boards at the same time. Congratulations for your hard work, Hoot! To go from a PhD and then an M-Diety after already a full career is just so very cool. Kind of proves my point of the character found here. I often cary many of you around as an example in my heart in how to live and treat our fellow man. Thanks, guys. You're all as big as Everest!
  5. Bob & Irwin, your names should lead the list! Thanks for the welcome. It really does blow my mind at the Microcosm of Goodness found here. I feel like Alexis de Tocqueville whose observation really honed in onto something grand.
  6. Hello, Boardsters! It has literally been years since I've posted but I wanted to share with you what has become sure and strong in my heart. In my 52 years, I have never found such honor, morality nor integrity anywhere such as I experienced with my years in this forum. I've never found it in the church, the workplace, my neighbors nor my friends. The absolute only place that I've found men and the occasional woman to hold such standards have been here, on the NGC Coin Forums. I've been honored to have been friends with the likes of Mark Hooten, Mark Feld, Michael Luck, Tom Bush, Douglas McIndoe and so many countless others. Nearly all posters, without exception, in my experience, have been the salt of the earth. I've digested this fact and have come through the process of persuasion that this is so. Just think: I once sent Coinman1794 $50,000 in coins and another time, $25,000 in coin consignments only on our word and our trust in one another. Where else can you find such integrity? Only here if my experience matters at all. I give my respect and admiration to you one and all! p.s. To the Moderator: please allow this post to remain here because it most certainly does not apply to the watercooler personnel. It belongs among those who I am honoring. Thank you. To stay on topic, here is my former coin with the perfect circulated commem patina.
  7. Hey, Mark. I haven't gotten an email of your wares in a very long time. Could you please put me back on your list. Thanks, bud. victor_easley@hotmail.com
  8. Unopened box with 5 sets of the 2015 March of Dime 3 piece set with the reverse proof Roosevelt dime. $500 (money order prefered) and free shipping. email me, Victor, at victor_easley@hotmail.com Thanks.
  9. Fascinating. I've never heard of such statistics before. I'll follow through on the purchase of my five sets and see what happens just for fun. I did score big on the 2008 RP 1oz gold coin. It came back PR70 from PCGS and I sold the entire set for $7K. (Y)
  10. You make excellent points. I think that the mintage for the 1998 Kennedy was closer to 67K. One of the two Jefferson nickels that I mentioned had a mintage of only 25K. It was part of the coin and currency set. So, if the number of collectors of complete sets exceed their mintage then we would see major price escalations. However, In the 15 years that I have been following them, their prices have remained static. But, then again, look at all of the extremely low mintage 19th century proof coins that are very reasonably priced. But, it all boils down to demand, design appeal, marketing and hype. That is why I doubt that these two Roosevelt issues will do much beyond their initial hype. But, they will be a necessity for type collectors which will add to their demand, especially in PR70. Coindude, someday, brother!
  11. Thanks, brother! Bummer that our Texas trip didn't work out as planned a few years ago, o/w you'd have met YunYun.
  12. Anytime during the weekend, Chris. I work M-F days. I did talk with Tom Bush about a month ago. He and his family are all doing great! 702-421-5565
  13. What's happening there, guys? Yeah, I miss lots of you but our lives certainly take drastic turns in our journey. YunYun, my beautiful wife of 8 years had a terrible car accident on March 1 and suffered traumatic brain injury. 9 out of 10 die from it. She was comatose and near death but, with love, support, encouragement and thousands of prayers, 9 weeks later, she is doing miraculously well! Probably at 80% now and still improving. We even went to the seafood buffet at the Rio on her birthday May 5th. Tried calling you before, Chris, but no response. p.s. thanks for the heads up on the coin set.
  14. I ordered 5 sets (back ordered until August) which I intend to send to NGC hoping for the "magical" 70 grade and then flip them on e-bay. I agree with World Colonial, once the hype dies down, so will the interest in these coins just as the two low-mintage Jeffersons and one Kennedy half from the '90s are vastly underpriced, IMO, due to low collector interest for the series.