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  1. Hello Numismatic Friends----Recently, I am sure that a lot of you have seen many unhappy collectors. We seem to be the victims of a lot of money hungry people---whether it be just simply overgrading or cleaning problems. Or the coin doctors selling various AT coins. Or maybe hairlines that were not mentioned before the sale. Or maybe just professional hype of one degree or another. In any event, my friend CTcollector and I are going to try and help all of us by starting a once a week posting entitled 'What You Need To Know'. We hope to involve all of the "regulars" here on the boards. We would like the knowledgable guys to step up and explain various topics. Start simply and explain the why or the why not. Take your subject matter and run it from the beginning collector to as far as you wish to go. In other words we would like you to 'tell it all'----to help us to understand your area of expertise. Use pictures if you care to do that. We need knowledge and we need your help. Please PM me and let me know if you are interested in writing. If we get enough interest, I will assign a date for your posting. We thought once a week on Sundays as most would have some time then. After your assigned posting, guys could make comments and ask questions at any time during the week. You can pick basically any series that you want---or any topic--- as long as it is about coins. And CTcollector and I both want to say this---"This is not to be a TPGS bashing. We are not trying to knock any TPG. We just want knowledge to be laid onto the table to help "ALL" collectors grow in the hobby". Talk about grading, cleaning, ATvs.NT, hairlines, Vams, Varieties, Patterns. Just any old thing that you really know about. A pet peeve that you have. Or just how you got into the hobby and what you have learned and how long it took you to learn it. CT and I hope that we can keep this going and that we all can learn from each other. Please respond to this post or PM me directly. I do not mind sharing what I have learned. I hope all of you feel the same way. Bob [supertooth]