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  1. supertooth

    The Carolinas

    Well Jason Poe---I'm glad that you are OK. Thought about you more than once over this past weekend. Finally this afternoon I see your post---so, you beat me to the PM that I had planned on sending. I had just commented to my wife on our way home that I was worried that you might have been affected. Anyway, glad that you are high and DRY. Bob
  2. Dguerr---- Definitely do as much research as you can. Afterall, you might get interested in the coin hobby. But, over many years, I've found that if you post decent pictures on Ebay----and list the coins fairly---the buyers will determine the current fair market value for you. I've seen it happen that folks don't know a blessed thing about the coins that they list---but receive more than they ever thought that they would get. Dealers, on the other hand, will many times undercut a coin's value---once they find out that the seller doesn't know what they have. Getting an old Red Book---or virtually any price list---will give you at least a "retail price" that will give you a starting point. Also, posting pictures here on this chat board would be helpful---as all of us just like to guess grades and values. Good luck to you in any event. Bob [supertooth]
  3. supertooth

    Need Help Selling Coins

    Deacon----Whatever you do---don't make your dad feel that his stuff is being taken right out from under him. That could go very badly. It's got to be a tough time for your folks. Handle things GENTLY. Certainly better to look at his coins in his presence. That way you can learn from him if he is able enough to help you. You might be surprised at what he knows and remembers. Good luck in any event. Bob [supertooth]
  4. supertooth

    Need Help Selling Coins

    Deacon--- My advice first is PATIENCE. Don't try to go too fast in selling. Think of it this way. You get 10 bucks for a coin today---only to find out tomorrow that it's worth 20 or more. Take the time to really go through your dad's coins---learn a little about grading them. Please, like coinman said, tell us here on the chat boards what you have that you think might be good. Give us pictures if you can. Many folks here will try to help you. It is important for you to keep your healthy mistrust. Don't ever TRUST until that trust has been warranted. As a non coin person, you CANNOT be expected to pick up what you really need to know---in a short period of time. But, if you use some just common sense, you will likely do OK. Just as an example---I've seen MANY folks take just a decent picture of a coin and put it on Ebay. That picture alone will get the seller---most of the time---about what the current market value of that coin might be. The important thing is to put the stuff out there to acquire a possibilty of MULTIPLE bidders.Let the competition decide the coin's selling price. For some coins that you have that may be very valuable---going to either NGC or PCGS for certification and grading MIGHT be an option. Another good reason for being PATIENT. All of us here will mostly just try to help you if you but just ask. Bob [supertooth]
  5. supertooth

    Heartbreaking Disappointment posted by Jackson

    Jackson----Really nice Walker. Lovely NT toning. I guess we all have missed a few over the years. Some bother us more than others. It "ALWAYS" seems that at least one other person will always bid with us---on a coin that is attractive. Strange, but my worst being second was over a multi-colored gold pocket watch. It's been, on occasion, on my mind for over 16 years now. At the time, I bid too soon and they eventually caught up with my bid. Your 47D Walker indeed had "THE LOOK". But, there will eventually be another at some point in time. As you say---keep looking. Bob [supertooth]
  6. A couple of years ago, I told a board member friend of mine that I wanted to do a WYNTK thread on the TPGS. I felt that it was time to try and bring some facts into the light of day. My very wise friend advised me to not write about any speculation but to write about only things that I know personally to be true. So, it has taken another two years for me to gather enough information that I think may be helpful to many of you. Please remember that this is only 'my' opinion. Also note that I had informed an employee of NGC that these WYNTK threads were going to be written. Also note that I will try to look at certain facts as if I was an NGC grader looking at us collectors. What do and must they think about us? This adventure will take me a few threads. So don't expect everything that I know to be included in today's post. Also understand that up until just recently I have been virtually unable to both take and post pictures on the boards. This is because I am a dumb computer person and unwilling to deal with the darn thing. Finally, with the new digital camera, my wife is now able to both take reasonable pictures and put them onto threads. To Barb I give a big "Thank You" for making my life easier in this regard. To all of you who have encouraged me, I also want to give my thanks. It's been over four years ago now since I sent my first six half dollar coins to NGC to be graded. Over that period of time I have sent in over a hundred Walkers---plus many other coins. Currently I have more down in Flordia as I write this thread. Of the Walker number sent, they come down to this---about 55% have been MS coins and 45% have been mostly "early" date and mint XF-AU coins. So far I have received six Walker BB's that I can remember. My percentage slab rate for Walkers is about 95% successful. What I'd like to do over the next several months is try to show why coins are rejected at NGC. WiIl show all of you what I know to be true, using my own coins as examples. I hope to show why, in the vast majority of cases, that the NGC graders are correct. I also want to try to give you a perspective of what I feel it must be like from their (NGC's) side of the fence. What they must think about us collectors. People learn by example, so let's start out with a fan favorite the 1921D Walker. As most of you know the 21D is very hard to obtain in grades above a Fine 12. In fact, finding a really nice Fine coin can be a problem if you want an "original patina" coin. My first example of a "rejected" NGC coin is this 21D pictured above. When I bought it, it resided in an ANACS holder graded Fine 12. It was a Buy It Now purchase on eBay for $350. Well, it took me all of 10 seconds to buy it. Couldn't push the computer buttons fast enough. Anyone who knows Walkers could and can see that the coin has a technical grade of F15. The color looked good to me. I had a bargain from what I could tell. Got the coin, was pleased with it, left positive feedback and proceeded to take it to a Baltimore coin show in the ANACS Fine 12 holder. Saw David Lange at the NGC table. He thought the coin would cross into an NGC holder (so did I), so I paid my $55 and left it with another coin---a raw 1889 CC Morgan. Well, the 89 CC Morgan went into an NGC XF45 holder while the 21D came back in its ANACS slab. Now, here's the kicker. Like many of you, I felt cheated by NGC. They had to have the dumbest graders on the planet says Bob. I walked around with my loupe for days and weeks looking at the coin. And seriously, I could not find out "Why" the coin didn't cross. So, like many others, I cracked the slab and a year later sent the coin in "raw". Coin came back in another BB. So again in my mind I cussed and blah, blah, blah at NGC. They just were not right about this coin. Couldn't be. Finally, one night in bed, with the 75 watt light bulb night stand light, I had occasion to look at a coin. It struck me then to go get the 21D out of the safe. For the first time, I saw the very fine scratch line that ran across the obverse of the coin. In truth, I could not believe it. For almost two years I had looked at this 21D Walker---trying to find out what was wrong with it---and in 10 seconds under that night stand light I finally knew why it had been BB. I had finally tilted the coin just right and, under that kind of light, had seen what I had been striving to find out for about two years. So, for just this one collector, I had to admit that Bob was wrong and the NGC graders were right. The coin now sits in my raw VF set of Walkers---looks great there---fits in well color-wise---as the first pictures show the true color of the coin[ not the scanner pictures]. You be the judge as to whether it is worth the approximately $450 that I now have in the coin. Now look at these 'scanner' pictures of the same 1921D Walker. Can you see the faint horizontal hairlines above the motto of "In God We Trust"? Whether these faint hairlines came as 'slide marks' from plastic from an old album----or a jeweler's cloth---or from an old pair of woolen pockets in some ancient wool pants---what does it matter? They ARE there. There are actually still one or two more higher up on the coin---that still doesn't show on the scanner picture. So, what did I learn from this experience?? 1---- Pictures cannot be trusted. 2---- If you get a BB at NGC, look for WHY you got it. Do not think that they are wrong. Try to figure out WHY YOU ARE WRONG 3---- Realize that we all are still learning----we ALL miss things---we ALL are not right 100% of the time. 4---- This coin was fine color wise---looked good under natural light. The hairlines could NOT be seen with the naked eye. To me, they could not be seen with a loupe. Tilting the coin at a hundred different angles MAY be required to find certain hairlines---or other problems. 5---- I still very much like this coin. It sits in this set because I want the coin there. To me those lines are part of the things that happen to a coin of that grade over these 86 years since it was struck. I'm not upset that I have 450 into this coin. 6---- ANACS had probably also seen those lines---which was why the grade on their holder was only a fine12 and not a fine15. 7---- Look how much better I am now---than 4 years ago. It is like a night vs. day change in what I know now compared to just a few years ago. 8---- NGC "NEVER" defends itself on its own 'chat' boards. EVER NOTICE THAT?? Maybe it was time for someone like me---to tell the truth of how DUMB I used to be----before I got better. Maybe I should tell the boards how this collector realizes that I needed to catch up with the NGC graders in knowledge. Maybe I needed to be a little "HUMBLE". Until next time. Bob [supertooth]
  7. Hello Numismatic Friends----Recently, I am sure that a lot of you have seen many unhappy collectors. We seem to be the victims of a lot of money hungry people---whether it be just simply overgrading or cleaning problems. Or the coin doctors selling various AT coins. Or maybe hairlines that were not mentioned before the sale. Or maybe just professional hype of one degree or another. In any event, my friend CTcollector and I are going to try and help all of us by starting a once a week posting entitled 'What You Need To Know'. We hope to involve all of the "regulars" here on the boards. We would like the knowledgable guys to step up and explain various topics. Start simply and explain the why or the why not. Take your subject matter and run it from the beginning collector to as far as you wish to go. In other words we would like you to 'tell it all'----to help us to understand your area of expertise. Use pictures if you care to do that. We need knowledge and we need your help. Please PM me and let me know if you are interested in writing. If we get enough interest, I will assign a date for your posting. We thought once a week on Sundays as most would have some time then. After your assigned posting, guys could make comments and ask questions at any time during the week. You can pick basically any series that you want---or any topic--- as long as it is about coins. And CTcollector and I both want to say this---"This is not to be a TPGS bashing. We are not trying to knock any TPG. We just want knowledge to be laid onto the table to help "ALL" collectors grow in the hobby". Talk about grading, cleaning, ATvs.NT, hairlines, Vams, Varieties, Patterns. Just any old thing that you really know about. A pet peeve that you have. Or just how you got into the hobby and what you have learned and how long it took you to learn it. CT and I hope that we can keep this going and that we all can learn from each other. Please respond to this post or PM me directly. I do not mind sharing what I have learned. I hope all of you feel the same way. Bob [supertooth]