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  1. Well Jason Poe---I'm glad that you are OK. Thought about you more than once over this past weekend. Finally this afternoon I see your post---so, you beat me to the PM that I had planned on sending. I had just commented to my wife on our way home that I was worried that you might have been affected. Anyway, glad that you are high and DRY. Bob
  2. Dguerr---- Definitely do as much research as you can. Afterall, you might get interested in the coin hobby. But, over many years, I've found that if you post decent pictures on Ebay----and list the coins fairly---the buyers will determine the current fair market value for you. I've seen it happen that folks don't know a blessed thing about the coins that they list---but receive more than they ever thought that they would get. Dealers, on the other hand, will many times undercut a coin's value---once they find out that the seller doesn't know what they have. Getting an old Red Book---or virtually any price list---will give you at least a "retail price" that will give you a starting point. Also, posting pictures here on this chat board would be helpful---as all of us just like to guess grades and values. Good luck to you in any event. Bob [supertooth]
  3. Deacon----Whatever you do---don't make your dad feel that his stuff is being taken right out from under him. That could go very badly. It's got to be a tough time for your folks. Handle things GENTLY. Certainly better to look at his coins in his presence. That way you can learn from him if he is able enough to help you. You might be surprised at what he knows and remembers. Good luck in any event. Bob [supertooth]
  4. Deacon--- My advice first is PATIENCE. Don't try to go too fast in selling. Think of it this way. You get 10 bucks for a coin today---only to find out tomorrow that it's worth 20 or more. Take the time to really go through your dad's coins---learn a little about grading them. Please, like coinman said, tell us here on the chat boards what you have that you think might be good. Give us pictures if you can. Many folks here will try to help you. It is important for you to keep your healthy mistrust. Don't ever TRUST until that trust has been warranted. As a non coin person, you CANNOT be expected to pick up what you really need to know---in a short period of time. But, if you use some just common sense, you will likely do OK. Just as an example---I've seen MANY folks take just a decent picture of a coin and put it on Ebay. That picture alone will get the seller---most of the time---about what the current market value of that coin might be. The important thing is to put the stuff out there to acquire a possibilty of MULTIPLE bidders.Let the competition decide the coin's selling price. For some coins that you have that may be very valuable---going to either NGC or PCGS for certification and grading MIGHT be an option. Another good reason for being PATIENT. All of us here will mostly just try to help you if you but just ask. Bob [supertooth]