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  1. How to properly deal with a MAC or CAC sticker Step one : Peel sticker from your slab Step Two : Throw sticker into trash
  2. Most dealers will only offer you melt value as many dealers are now just bullion sellers. Only another collector will pay anywhere close to the numismatic value. For your best return you will need to auction them on eBay.
  3. Coin collecting is not dying out but it is gaining popularity. It just not gaining popularity where the older generations would like it to be. Modern coin markets are heating up, why ? Two main reasons, price and availability. The need to collect has to be fueled by the ability to acquire. It is not possible to assemble a complete collection of classics without spending 1000’s of dollars or even 10’s of thousands of dollars and many examples don’t even exist in gem condition leaving a new collector with an expensive and impossible mountain to climb. Moderns are abundant and inexpensive. Easy to assemble a complete collection of high quality examples at what is affordable to the average person or even a teenager with a part time job. Most people new to collecting are not going to start collecting a series knowing that they are going to have to shell out $6,000 dollars for one coin at some point if they want to be able to complete an album or most coins in a series start at $500 plus even for a mid grade example. The market is not dying but evolving into an affordable hobby. Which is what it was always supposed to be.