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  1. Well this actually happened to me but I was the buyer. It was a DVD and when the package arrived it was empty. When I made my complaint to EBay they sided with the seller. Now that was 20+ years ago and the DVD was only $20.00 so I gave up and moved on. I guess since they had the tracking number to prove I got the package Ebay sided with the seller. Fast forward to 2021 has things changed? So far I have been lucky everything I have sold have been to honest Ebayers. Good luck try not to worry to much.
  2. Good question this name was listed during the auction that’s why I listed it. Hoping someone would know his link into this series. The name came from A Steve Hayden auction who I believe is well known in the civil war era.
  3. Do not really know much about this token but here is the description. Anybody know anything about it’s history please update and TYIA. "1862" Fantasy Civil War Token Silver Dime Army Navy Circa 1950's
  4. Here is my current coin photography set up I hope you won’t mind. But some of the equipment I believe is pretty modern. I picked up a new type Jansco light seems to work well but it’s not in this picture. Also a new Cannon EF 10m f/2.8 L IS USM Lens but that is currently enroute. FYI all my pictures is for my personal use once I take a picture it get lost in my computer to be seen again once in a century. You can see how I am using my Jansco light looking forward to try your method. The Camera stand is a System X from Ray who has been very instrumental in helping me on my que
  5. Maybe one of these let us know if anything fits to your situation.
  6. Thank you for your excellent illustration on the defusing using the Jansco lights. I will look that over and attempt to reproduce them as ai use the Jansco light set up. You have some good talent on your drawing skills must be a special program your using to draw them out? Again thank you much.
  7. Revived an early 2020 post on macro photography. Hipshot I really like your 1966 10 Shilling photo. Here is a new set up still have to set it up but hope to get some good shots soon. I will have to work on the angle of the platform not sure if it will be a problem if I photostack. I was trying to find your web page but was not successful as of yet. I will check the profile. Tyia.
  8. I recently acquired this trial counterstamp piece. The date has 1862 but I believe it was made during the 1950’s. Don Thoms "1862" Fantasy Civil War Token Copper One Dime Die Trial T S TRIAL Counterstamp There are some tokens out there labeled "1862" Fantasy Civil War Token circa 1950's? Army Navy 1862. One Dime 10. Ex Don Thoms (70-90) pictured below. I guess I will have to hit the books but we’re these during the 1950’s? Thank you for any information on these. Here are some pictures to help jog the memories.
  9. Great information I happen to have one looks like it’s a bit blurry. 😮
  10. I have a few condors that I really like they seem to be fairly affordable too. All mine came overseas from Europe but I think they are authentic so I sent a few in for grading just to be sure. Here are a few nothing high grades though. Trying to find a few pictures to share. But here is a nice book I really like with good color photos and price estimates though I am sure they are out of touch with current times. This book was still available but expensive ended up finding a copy over seas and at a reasonable price. That was a few years back.
  11. So you pay $495.00 for one seems a bit expensive. What does a normal 1964 graded coins generally sell for? Just womdering, heck I might even own one but I usually dont retain the buy prices off hand. TYIA