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  1. Do You think this coin is authentic?
  2. Hi, I need opinions about the authenticity of this coin, it has 12,13 g and 20,5 mm Thanks.
  3. What do You think about this coin? It loks autentic? The weight and size is correct. Thanks.
  4. I am suspecting of this two specific point. The first on the edge looks to be a sinal of injection of metal in a molde. The second looks a leftover of metal.What do You think? It would be sinals of casting or not, only natural use?
  5. No, the slab is not from NGC. It is only a generic slab bought from ebay that I use to put some of my coins. I’am asking because I am thinking to send this coin to NGC, but I am um Brazil, and have serius doubt if it is authentic. It apears to be cast, not struck, but not certain of it.
  6. Hi for everyone, I ask for help about the authenticity of this ancient coins: Greece Euboian League Drachm Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the helping. I bought it like genuine and paid like one with VF grade. The size is correct 37.5 mm and equal the weight 24.4 g, a very little less I think about the wear. Do You think this one is authentic? Is normal this wear? Thanks again!
  8. Hi for everyone, I ask for help to determine the grade of this old silver coin. Thanks!
  9. In Your opinion what is the grade of this two coins? Thanks for the helping. Diego.
  10. Hi! It is my first time here, if anyone can help I would be very grateful. I recently acquired a Half Dollar of 1854 with arrows and want to know some opinions of You about its authenticity. It has the correct size (30,6 mm) and weight (12,34 g, only 0,1 g under the oficial weight - 12,44 g), and it is non magnetic. I bought it like Genuine, don´t doubt of the intention of the seller, but whereas there are many fakes of this one, is that mine really Genuine? If yes, what is the grade? Thanks for the hepling! Diego.