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  1. Thank you for this article. My Dad passed away 6 years ago and I have the task of sorting through his various 60+ years of coin collecting and Inwish I paid more attention as a child when he drug me and my sister to local coins shows while Mom was in medical school and working night. But its been a struggle to find out why he kept certain coins over others and while my siblings would rather throw them all in boxes and send to the melt, I find it more valuable to understand my Fathers impressive and compicated thought process in everything especially his personal coin collection ( as opposed to the bank roll stuff he kept in bank drawers ). I could not figure out why he would stash or hoard certain items that seemed common and most other people I talk to dismiss them and its annoying because he was meticulous and persistent in his pursuit of specific items and a tremendous thinker and wealth of knowledge beyond comprehension. He is terribly missed and my one goal is to try and understand what these meant and at least get some satisfaction knowing it was not as sophomoric as people are dismissing his items as and I dont have enough knowledge of coins and each time I deep dive it gets more and more complex. Again thank you, and it gives me some joy knowing why he had all these 1960 and 1961 mint sets when they just seem to be $15 throw aways and looking through them now I am finding the treasures, along with the Franklins that seemed random. Now I get to tackle the next odd bunch. But at least I no longer feel like the peasants in the Monty Python skit where Dennis Moore kept bringing them lupins from the rich to feed them. “Oh, look another box of 1960 and 1961 mint sets :/“
  2. Thanks for the responses. I wish I had known more before trying to tackle this. I still have a lot of research to do i see. I am struggling trying to find someone willing to take some time to help sort the sell now vs hold for auction or professional grading. And I and hesitant about selling the untouched rolls on ebay because most have no marks on them and as I pull off some of the end coins and see that there are unmoved coins and some have a strange cakey like whitish hard to explain but you can guess that I dont want to move them because I am not sure whats going to damage them and what is considered good or bad (I dont want to open and scratch something and he was terible at labelling because he kept these in his personal possession and had not intended on selling soon obviously) but it was not like him to keep junk coins in his most personal space locked up - he kept planty in bank drawers so I know these were different I just cant figure out why yet. And I really dont want to dump for silver value if they could be something more. And i mean that for the coin itself and not the dollar value in sales (really, I dont mean to say that I am not interested in the value but I really would like to find out and prefer to sell to someone who would take them to the next level and not throw in the silver pile) thank you for the help, and I truly appreciate it.
  3. Sorry that cut me off, and I appologize I do get long winded. But I know he would not just keep insignificant items in his closet and as maticulous as he was about searching out a single item, I am as much curious to know his mind and thought process on some of them and hope they end up with someone who cares about them as much as he did (even if I have to give them to someone instead of selling, but that being said). Dad was a brilliant man (he was a colonel in the air force, a B-36 navigator and B-52 pilot, head of war plans at Minot AFB during Vietnam where I was born and prior to us moving back to Fort Worth where he original met my Mom). He kept the original coin show cards on the ones he got at the shows he drug my sister and I to when we were young (mom was going to medical school at night and so well they made do with that in the 70s as people did begore we had soccer. But i had someone suggest I at least submit the 1956, 1958 and a few if the sealed and unsealed 1960 and 61 for the Franklins of all things. They have his notes which mean nothing to me except do not sell and frosted and gem which I know mean something but I would never guess for a Franklin coin???? i have not moved them or unwrapped then other than to gently open the envelopes (not disturbing anything else) as I am unsure what requires a OSHA bunny suit and zero gravity clean room (I am kidding of course) and what is overkill. Mind you I like shiny and pretty so I may not be the best judge of good or bad patina or what spots are okay. i just kknow not to clean anything and dont handle with my fingers. Other than that I may soon run out of space in my house with all the papckaging and bubblewrap I am going through to move one at a time. i will definitely check out the book and if anyone has any ideas on starting small with which groups first (pennies, nickels, Morgan dollars ugh) I will try and find a couple more dealers who might not be so opposed to looking at the individual ones and I can give him the junk silver that he wont mind selling if we both think thats the best route for them. Trying to upload some Random pics of my dilemna but having wifi issues... so I may need to ost one more reply
  4. Thank you so much. Dad did not leave an inventory of the ones in the house, only the bank stored ones and these are all over the map and I have no idea what is valuable, and withikn that what should be handled a certain way or not moved or not opened and what should be thrown in the silver pile. He collected for over 65 years and was not the kind of organizer that I would immediately find any logic too (I say that because d a system it just was not evident to Mom who thought everything was junk except the shiny states quarters and luckily never rumaged through the coins in his dresser). Needless to say, while they have been undisturbed for probably 45 years for the bulk of the them, I am struggling with what should be my next steps. I did visit a few local coin places and unfortunatley they have some employees who care about handling your coins and others who were told that throwing them in a bag to be weighed for silver is okay if they appear to be silver, so some Walking Liberties that sadly were thrown in a bin with hundreds of others are now silver. I know some of probably are not worth a lot more than melt value and thats fine I just would like the option of making those decisions to keep for sentimental value, to keep if they have any small signifigant numismatic value now or in the future or if they should be sold now. I wish he did keep some logs because at least I would have some direction as far as what might be meaningful vs what he was holding for metal, which the there are those obvious (to me anyway) drawers of those. The puzzling part to me is that he would keep precious metal in the bank and while he has some random accumulations of that, the remaining are ?
  5. I inherited a portion of my Fathers vast but random coin colllection and I have been hanging on to the very last of it for about 4 years now. I am the third child and while everyone of the 4 of us got equal parts the precious metal rolls (most of it), I got the personal favorites right before he passed 6 years ago. These are the ones he kept in storage in the house and I have been reluctant to do anything until this summer. Unfortunately I was victum to a not so ethical "friend who sold coins" who was nothing more than a scrap metal dealers who sold half of them for silver value without consulting me prior to and while I recovered a small fraction of the worth it left me with a bad taste and now I am trying to go through each one remaining on my own and while I have learned quite a bit I have also realized I can never amass 60 years of collecting experience like Dad in two months. I know there are a lot of people jumping on the silver bandwagon right now and thats fine but I need some assistance on what is really worth getting sent in for proffessional grading. Part of me feels that Dad would not have put these aside if there was not some reason to, and even though most of what I am going through presently is the stuff he aquired mainky through local DFW coin shows and auctions, I know some may not have much valuse today like he may have predicted but some I just cant find a extensive research database and other resources for individual coins (other than generic statements about each series and vague statements about dies or melt values). NGC websight is the closest to having something useful for amateurs. I am wondering if I am better off selling on eBay as individual coins in an auction, should I sort through and submit what looks like it warrants professional grading, submit the lot to an auction house (who keeps sending info about evaluating my silver coins only, or sell it to a "we buy silver"-"coin shop" that keeps sending email yet they only seem to want weight for melt value. maybe melt value is the route to go and I will not get anything more meaningful at the present time and will only waste my time on the research. Anyway is there a good place to determine if a (for example, His set of Morgans, mint sets from the 50sand 60 that are marked Gem, why did he keept one or two dates on somecoins, etc? I figured the uncirculated ones but which ones worth it and which ones should be face value and kept as keepsakes for myself. I really dont want to just bet rid of silver but if its better than face value and thats the best it will ever be then I can be ok with that. i have some 56, 58, 59, 60-64 mint sets that I was told had a few "gem frosted" (whatever that might mean