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  1. mpiokpee

    Anyone have errors to post?

    Here is a recent graded coin - it was labeled "Struck Thru" - I would have thought it was a lamination error - but nonetheless, an error.
  2. well, at any rate I am on the board. NGC updated the census board for the Susan B. Anthony page. Its official, I am number #1. Yeah :-)
  3. Thank You for showing the other example 'physics-fan3.14,' very nice coin indeed.! Very little scuffing on the high points of her face. And great field.! I will have to check out ANACS population reports.
  4. Well, I have been trying & trying and I think I have finely found the unicorn I have been searching/hoping for. Just got this back from grading. Its a 1981-P Susan Anthony Dollar $1 graded NGC "MS65 PL" with the "Proof Like" distinction. I looked in the NCS census, nothing exists. I looked on, nothing exists, PCGS,, everywhere. I cannot find one 1981 S.A. graded with the "PL" distinction. There are of course a handful of the 1999's, but I cannot find any record of one from the 1979-81. I am pretty jubilated to get a PL for this coin. Let me know what you think.
  5. mpiokpee

    Shipwreck Certification

    I supplied copies of the documentation. Do you require the original COA certifications? More information on submitting Shipwrecked coin is needed on your website. It is very vague and nothing exists on the applications.