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  1. Hi John; I would love to come to the show, however, I am currently in Tennessee, and we are battling My Wife's cancer so I'll probably miss the show. But I would certainly enjoy having a copy of your book so I'll order it from the net. Thanks for the offer. I don't think of myself as an SMA as I truly don't hoard anything except base metals Silver and gold. Most of my collections are because I like them or their history. I don't collect types or series. I like 16th & 17th century history and I have accumulated a small collection of those years coins. I am partial to U.S. coins but I think my favorite is a half penny 1773 State of Virginia copper that is British. It joins both Continents at a time that was so formative for our country. Bob Sr CEO Fieldtechs
  2. Dang Just Bob . When I read your Jan 24th post, I thought maybe I had inadvertently change my text option to a foreign language of some type . I read it 4 times and I still don't understand what it meant. Now I'm so confused, I don't remember what the post was about. Ah well, I'm going to order the book and see if I can figure out if I'm a counterfeit or a simple minded accumulator , or UHHHHH durn it I forgot what the third Option was. Bob Sr CEO Fieldtechs
  3. Ephesos AE12?

    Possibly a Greek Ephesus 360BC- 130BC but the stag is usually right facing and only shows the front half of the stag. Try looking in or Bob Sr CEO Fieldtechs
  4. Coin grading questions

    Some people like bright and shiny others prefer Natural, toned coins. If you want it valued, NGC can certainly do that, If you want it restored, they can also do that and grade it for you also. Just depends on how much you want to put into it. The price guide shows $50 difference from Au to MS 60 and $50 difference for MS 60 to MS 63. I would just submit it and see if A. Its authentic and B. if it would benefit from restoration. Don't try cleaning it yourself under any circumstances as that destroys any value other than base metal. Very solid strike, the luster and color is a bit off, But overall a nice looking strike. Bob Sr CEO Fieldtechs
  5. Its 2 coins not particularly of notable value soldered together with a loop for a bracelet or necklace. More sentimental since your father thought enough of it to keep it. I agree with JKK. Put a nice chain on it and give it to a Grand-Daughter or Daughter as a memento. Bob Sr CEO Fieldtechs
  6. Very very old coins.

    That looks like an 1940 British India 1/4 Anna. And since I'm only a couple years younger than the coin, I think "VERY VERY OLD" is subjective. On the other hand its worth a buck or two ,showing some overall wear and in that light, I would guess we are about even. Bob Sr CEO Fieldtechs
  7. Grading Question

    Without pictures or the certification number, hard to tell. Depends upon the type of details, cleaning or harsh cleaning etc. Generally speaking and as a guideline only, the Value drops 1 or 2 grades to a lower level for valuation. Unc details would drop to AU58 or AU 55 to AU50 values. Again generally speaking unless the coin is one of the rarer types, It's going to be difficult to get rid of. Sometimes, you have to just bite the bullet and cut out the Cancer. Depending on the History and the sentimental value, You may want to just keep it or give to one of the family. Bob Sr CEO Fieldtechs
  8. The U.S. coin that found in phillipines.

    Actually MUMU the full phrase is keeping someone on the straight and narrow and was shortened to just keeping someone straight in the 1930's and 1940's it originates in the 16th century and comes from the bible where Christ said Strait is the gate and narrow is the way in Mathew and was published in 1611 as published by Tim Lambert in "Some old phrases and their origins." Additionally as I was one of the Non Com's during that time 1950's & 1960's and actually lived thru that era the phrase was Treating a malcontent to a" G.I. party " where socks were filled with soft soap bars, a blanket was stretched over the malcontent and they were pinned down while others treated them to "Harsh discipline" and I never heard the words Keeping him straight. Superior Officers never once lifted a hand to an enlisted member. They delegated that to Non Commissioned officers commonly called Sergeants. In keeping with this thread, The coins represented are obviously a low grade fake . It is our responsibility not to be Net cops to ferret out crimes but to call out issues that a few have knowledge of, this in keeping with the phrase " The only thing necessary for evil to abound is for a good man to do nothing." I applaud those who have the courage and conviction of " A GOOD MAN " to stand up and boldly be heard.
  9. Are you looking for mint sets only or are you interested in proof sets also. I have several hundred proof sets from 1970's thru 1989's about 200 plus or minus I'd sell cheap. If so let me know Bob Sr CEO Fieldtechs
  10. New Pix, old coins, some toned Morgans

    W O W. That 79S is about the prettiest Iv'n seen. Bob SR CEO Fieldtechs
  11. So this is my story: Last summer I went to a garage sell in Bucks Port Maine. I asked the woman my 5 questions, Any old coins Gold or silver, Any Guns or ammunition, any Electric Margarita maker. Same answer as always a chuckle, and no,no,,no. The lady next to me said hey, I need to talk to you. She brought over 5 silver coins dollar sized from different countries. will you give me $100.00 for these . They are silver approx. 1 oz. I said yes, and paid her. She came back with a large satchel and asked if I would pay $500 for them. I said yes and gave her the money. In the bag several Pieces of 8, several Morgans, several Pease dollars. An 1855b Switzerland 1 rappen Key. NGC cert as xf40 $500.00, An Italian 5 Lire NGC cert as xf45 $850.00 A Canadian 50 cent, NGC AU 58 Value $2500.00, 122 large cents sold for $2000.00 an 1802 1/000 NGC vf35 in my collection. about 150 coins into my personal collection. I didn't go through the bag until several months later and I had left Maine. Needless to say I have been to almost every Garage sale in whatever city I was in on any given Saturday. Haven't made any connections so far But I am always hopeful. God I just love coin collecting. Bob Sr CEO Fieldtechs
  12. Hey Sabatinitl: Jump back to the home page and go to Certification number , look up 3509883-001 vf35 bn . That is an NGC certified 1802 1/000 . I think that the registry is out of date. I sure hope so , as I'm holding that one in my hand and it is in an NGC holder. I had a set of large cents that I sold off a few months ago and I just couldn't part with this coin, that and a 1/2 cent were all I kept. I've really lost interest in Large cents and have moved on to Capped bust halves. So if any of you are looking for one here it is. I'll trade for an equal value Capped Bust Half. Bob Sr CEO Fieldtechs
  13. US, World, and Ancient Coins

    Condor: I have seen your posting across almost all categories and your advise and comments are always spot on so I understand. Hanalei08 a little research on your part could save you lots of money on submissions and expand your knowledge. Coinquest. com is an excellent tool to identify your coins and will quickly inform you if you have a valuable rarity. You can then go to this (NGC) websites price guide and get a general idea of a coins worth. with that knowledge, you can then selectively ask for assistance in determining a close grade for that coin. Then make an informed decision on what to send for grading. A few years back, I was in the same boat you are in and I discarded a coin I thought worthless because it was a small copper and was dirty and worn. Turns out it was the key with very limited production and one of the better grades. I later sold that little copper for several thousand dollars, so take heart, you may not find anything super valuable and then again, you may find a bonanza. Either way, gaining knowledge is always a bonus. Bob Sr CEO Fieldtechs
  14. US, World, and Ancient Coins

    Hey Condor: Once again I bow to your expertise and knowledge. I had the same thoughts on those U.S. coins. You are correct in your response about grading, but I am not an expert on World coins and when I looked at those pictured, I couldn't make a knowledgeable gradient but the question was regarding level of submission , and all things considered including using a dealer to submit coins when you look at just 4 coins, it is more economical to join and submit them yourself, that way you have a whole year to possibly submit others, to further reduce your costs per coin. I am a collector so when I submit coins, Its because I want them to retain their looks into the future. I don't normally collect to sell, I collect as a fun investment through which I can do my part to preserve some of our history, plus I'm just a sucker for an error free well toned any coin. It's my nosy nature I can't help but wonder where those coins appeared and whose hands did they go through , how did they get to this point. Bob Sr. CEO Fieldtechs
  15. One of my Favorite Large Cents

    I have an 1899 Can New Foundland 50 cent that was dull and dirty. I really like the design and looks of the coin so I submitted it to NCS for conservation and on to NGC for grading. It came back with a lot more luster than when it went in. The coin "eye appeal" went up several grades and the coin got an overall AU58. According to the census, this is the highest grade for that year coin with none better. I am extremely happy with the results. That is a really beautiful large cent. Its worth the few dollars to protect that coin but in the end, It is your coin and only you can determine what you want to do with it. Bob Sr. CEO Fieldtechs