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  1. That is correct for World Coins but maybe a differentiated award for the US categories should exist because you now have this mix of NGC and PCGS Coins.
  2. I didn’t realize the rest of the awards picture and now that you’ve clarified this for me I agree that a mixed award should have a label which points out the difference.A NGC/PCGS Best in Category Combined Award label would differentiate between an All NGC Best in Category Award. I don't think you are overthinking this.
  3. I most definitely agree with you and you are correct to point this out. However,I believe that in order to be eligible for awards a Registry Set must now be comprised of 75% or more of its coins being NGC graded and the Set must be at least 50% or more complete at the time they are being judged.Therefore,the great majority of the coins must be NGC Coins.
  4. I don’t know what other collectors think about NGC’s new policy but as for myself I think it’s good for these coins to be included.I don’t have many PCGS coins in my collection but I do have some I would like to add to my current Registry Type Set. I was able to use my PCGS coins in my Custom Set but not in any Registry Sets.To me this policy made no sense so I was glad to see the change. I would like to know what my fellow collectors think about this new policy both good and bad. By the way this is my first journal entry and a new area of the Collector’s Society I decided to explore.
  5. I agree that this is some type of damage done after the minting process.It can be difficult to determine how this damage was done without viewing both sides of the coin and having the coin to look at in person.with that said the coin doesn’t look like any mint error I have seen and I have seen and have many mint errors in my collection.
  6. I don’t remember this pin but I think it’s a nice member pin to have.