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  1. My Grandfather mentioned in prior journal entries is my Grandfather on my father's side and I've been working away on a family tree information page on https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/L1VN-SQK As I've mentioned, he was very family oriented and did everything he could to make his family members happy. He and my Grandmother lived closely to me my entire life so we were very close, as noted previously. New information is being added periodically to his Familysearch page as I and other relatives working on it discover them. There isn't anyway I can do justice for my gran
  2. Technically speaking, my grandfather and great-grandfather's collection doesn't end as it lives on through mine. But for clarity, I'd like to include an entry on which chunk of the overall collection comes from whom. Dates are estimated off of when they passed, overlap occurs as I have multiples of coins graded, yet some multiples are hard to attribute to a specific relative because I was not able to retrieve such information. Pre 1955 coinage to 1980: Great Grandfather. 1980 to 2015- Grandfather (except for a few silver eagles) 2004-now: Me
  3. As a first entry, it's only befitting that I explain how I got into the numismatic hobby and why I choose to augment it with NGC's grading services. I grew up with my grandfather, but never knew my great-grandfather as he passed long before I was born. My great-grandfather was the first of us 3 that got into the hobby of collecting coins and used cardboard albums to display his collection. I do not know if he shared his collection to those outside of family nor do I know any of the stories behind the coins he collected and why. I wish I could go back in time and meet this man and ask him these