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  1. If you don't think there is a difference in NGC/PCGS vs ANACS/ICG then buy a graded ANACS/ICG coin, crack it out and submit to NGC/PCGS. I do not believe you'll like the result most of the time. ANACS/ICG prices lower for a reason.
  2. We all want higher grades and we don't want to be fooled (lied to) but UNC Details isn't exactly a body bag for a 1822 50c. Likely a pretty nice coin at the right price for the right collector.
  3. Original post asking for price was from 2011 guys Just to follow up eBay has the following listing It's offered at $6816.50 or $1363.3/oz or spot +$90 today. This is just the offer and it's not traded.
  4. Mechanical Error This 1992 onza Libertad is labeled a 1991 onza. This is where you can play games with your registry set. The coin fits into the 1991 slot but not the 1992 slot. This coin would get more points than the current occupant of the 1991 slot in my Registry. I have an MS68 in the 1991 slot and NOTHING in my 1992 slot. I haven't decided if I will buy another 1992 MS 69 or keep the label error or let NGC correct its mistake. Bob