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  1. i am very sure that what you have here is just a machine doubling and not a double die. if you do a side by side comparison with a none slab Double Die coin you be able to tell the difference, the DD is a solid die it looks like there is two letters together one on top of the other were a machine doubling the letters look like there were squash and flat. i dont know if this make since to you, but i dont know if you ever heard about the Wexler Coin Die page? it has the best info you could get with pictures and all plus they have a great listing for machine doublings
  2. hello everyone! I am a fairly new numismatic guy, i only been collecting about 2 or 3 years. i am not an expert by no means but i could honestly say i have done my homework. a few days ago i got into a discussion with a fellow numismatic about first strike, and early release designation for modern coins and bullion, specially bullion. i read an article by the U.S Mint released in mid 1999 (I AM SORRY I WASN'T ABLE TO ATTACH THE ARTICLE) where it said (and i quote) the U.S. Mint does not recognize the term first strike or early releases designation as being anywhere accurate for their is no possible way to determine if the coin/bullion being graded is in fact one of the first coins minted or one of the first coins to be released. therefore we do not recognize that term. i see plenty of coin with that designation and grading companies have fees set up and dates so you could submit to get that grade. there is plenty of people that love to add a crazy premium to coins based in this designation wish i really don't agree with but it is what it is. so my question is, do you agree or disagree with this grade? do you think this designation should be completely removed? and why? i will love to hear your thoughts.. thank you!!!!