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  1. 1905 Italian coin

    Adding some alternate lighting shots too: Thanks for looking ò¿ö. I would appreciate any comments.
  2. 1905 Italian coin

    Adding best resize I can fit:
  3. Interesting, I upload a dimension 1250x1235, 429k pic at 72 dpi. It downloads back as a 900x890, 108k pic at 96 dpi. Close enough.
  4. Thank you for your response.
  5. My post pics (2-3M) are being resized smaller. What is the largest size pic allowed? Thanks.
  6. No Answers

    Hi Mark, I know exactly what you mean. My posts get views, yet little response. Very dissapointing. Let me know if you find a better place to fish for coin info. Sorry to complain guys, just having a bad day I guess. Regards, Bill
  7. My post pics (2-3M) are being resized smaller. What is the largest size pic allowed? Thanks.
  8. 1905 Italian coin

    Tried adding larger pics 2M - 3M, but they keep resizing them. Anyone know what that the largest size it will accept is? Thanks.
  9. 1945 - 2 Pesos Mexico

    Lighting effected the pics a lot. So here are two different lightings of the same coin. The added flashlight seemed to make it less red. Not as true to the real color, but maybe easier to see definition. If its not good enough I can take it out of the holder. I'm sure the clear placstic over it effects it a bit, but I'd rather not remove it, unless you think it matters.
  10. 1945 - 2 Pesos Mexico

    Thanks physics-fan3.14 . Will do.
  11. 1945 - 2 Pesos Mexico

    Hi, From what I've read : https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/world/mexico-estados-unidos-mexicanos-2-pesos-km-461-1919-1948-cuid-1199731-duid-1418597 I see these were restruck form the 1950s-70s. I've had this since around 1958, maybe earlier. Any way to tell if it is an original 1945 or restrike? Also any guess regarding its grade or any other info about this coin would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. 1905 Italian coin

    Adding the uncropped, higher res pics. Guess that would help.
  13. Hi, New to grading. Can anyone please give me an idea of what this would be graded? Thanks.