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  1. Gotta Love the "Brown" Designation

    My thoughts on brown exactly. I have fifty five large copper middle dates(and counting) and they are all brown. Nice 1892!
  2. Eric P. Newman numismatist from age seven passed away this week. I never met him, only knew of him through his coins and currency auctions of spectacular selections. I was fortunate to have acquired six mint state Large Cents from these auctions which I understand, by estimates raised $72 million since 2013. He founded a coin museum by his name in 2006. Prior to that about 1959 he founded a numismatic educational society to advance our endeavors. He wrote many ground breaking research books on our topic and held unique pieces which he a lone found. He also acquired many pieces from the late also famous collector Col. Edward H.R. Green. I owe him a great debt of gratitude for having given of his time, talent and treasure in his stewardship of all the coins he preserved from what would have certainly been the ravages of time. I am forever grateful for the six coins that are now in my collection because of him.
  3. I collect 1816-1839 Large Cents in MS Brown by Newcomb variety. In trying to grasp the 1823 "Restrike" die progression(without diving into who made how many in what year), this is my belief! Feel free to agree or disagree.