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  1. Hi, Can you create new registry sets for Republic of India, Commemorative issues (non Proofs) for: 10 Rupees, 1974-Date Silver 10 Rupees, 1969-1973 Silver 50 Rupees, 1974-Date Silver 100 Rupees, 1980-Date Currently there are registry proof sets for these, but all these coins were also issued as MS issues. Thanks
  2. Hi, Can you please add a new registry set to British India, QV 1/4 anna proofs, proof restrikes? Thanks, Jeyanth
  3. Hi, can you consider creating separate registry sets for British India presidencies? For the Madras presidency KM#303 - 436. and so on?
  4. Hi, Can you split the 1862(B&M) TYPE B/2 1/2 Rupee Slant top 1 (B/2) slot (India - British - 1/2 Rupee, 1862-1947, Circulation Issue) into two slots, the 4.5 panels and the 4.75 panels types, since you differentiate these types in grading and also in the census. Thanks, Joseph