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  1. Congratulations - I have several #1 sets but for most of them mine is the only set!Quite easy to do in the 'World coins' - move to the dark side the possibilties are endless
  2. @coinsbygary thankyou for your comments, although I prefer paper copies of things I do have a number of catalogues/books etc that are now PDF downloads which is great as that is cheaper and takes up much less space! I am aware of the NNP, and have some coins with the Newman pedigree, although it seems to have a US focus which is understandable, although it sounds like I need to check it more regularly if they are updating things as articles on individual Napoleonic medals etc have appeared in various periodicals which are always an interesting read and often contain information not avail
  3. The catalogue for the Paramount Collection from Heritage has just arrived and I will be adding this to my collection as it has some great information on rare world coins and will no doubt get referred to for many years to come. As I mentioned in the ‘Auction Catalogs’ thread some of the standard references used in sales for the areas I have an interest in are actually auction catalogues rather than books, the main one being Napoleonic medals. I already had a copy of Bramsen (reprint, original 1907 and the first attempt at listing) and Julius (1932) so it was great that I have now also ac
  4. Great coins, as my username is based on my interest in British Colonial issues the history of the EIC is fascinating. Quality British colonial prices have been going up for a while and are now silly, banknotes are even worse. Top grade Napoleonic coinage is the same - I missed out on a coin recently that I was prepared to break the bank for at £3K which was a bit above current catalogue prices (even put some lots into auction to help cover it) and it went for over £10K I wonder who bought it and why? I am currently looking at some of my low grade sets to see if it is possible to put
  5. Very nice coins! Collecting LMU coins is very popular and plenty of designs are available - you can get a lot of them for not much more than bullion however some are really quite rare, some of the Albania issues seem to be key targets. The list is not strictly LMU but the specification is the same. Then there are all the silver and copper issues too and a full set of gold coins of the German States is probably even more of a challenge!
  6. I have only one item with the three graces - a medal depicting Pauline, one of Napoleon's sisters - a bit of a party animal by all accounts!
  7. Well it has been a while since I actually bought a coin and 2020 turned out to be the first year in a long time that I didn’t pick up multiple lots at the major European auctions over the autumn. I should say this was not from a lack of trying, it is just that I was outbid on the lots I was interested in – sometimes quite spectacularly – so I was delighted when I picked up a 1809 20 Lire from the Milan mint of Napoleonic Italy in AU58 (although the mintage is 52,640 there are only 27 coins graded at NGC for this date and my coin is tied with one other at this grade with only a single coin fine
  8. So sorry to hear what has happened, we have been following it on the news here in the UK. A friend here was flooded out (we tend to get floods rather than burst pipes although we had -13oC/9oF a few weeks ago) and they had to move out for 6 months as it took that long to dry the place out - cool and damp here in the north of the UK so hopefully when the weather returns to normal it will not take that long in Texas! My wife has decided that, as her parents now have solar and all the utilites bills have just gone up, moving our off-grid plans forward is now a good idea.
  9. Although unlikely, part of me hoped to see a rapid rise to >$50 as I could have sold my bullion silver for a very good profit and released funds for more numismatic items - it would have generated plenty of space too! Babylon 5
  10. There are some fantastic custom sets demonstrating real knowledge of specialist areas in world and ancient coins - something I can only aspire to. Some of them haven't been updated for a while which is a shame as they are impressive, this means they are not on the first page but you have go through the whole list looking for them!! There are lots of varieties, both known and those yet to be discovered, which I find an interesting challenge, for example the known 1820 inverted 1 sixpence in the pic is still the only one graded by NGC so it was nice that it received a MS64 grade when I
  11. There are a few extremely impressive lots which are in my area of interest and which I have only seen in reference books. I doubt I will be able fill the gaps in my own collection as I expect the estimates will mean they are worth more than my house, I did mention options to deal with this to my wife but she didn't say anything and just looked at me - I am going to take that as a 'no'
  12. Short version – do all the things I still haven’t done from 2020, 2019, 2018 etc Longer version – I bought less coins in 2020 than I have done for many years, and this is not because of the current environment we all find ourselves in, but that the higher grade coins in my collecting areas, even the minors, seem increasingly scarce and have rapidly moved beyond by budget making completing sets effectively impossible. At least partial acceptance of this fact prompted some specific research into ancients and banknotes, two areas I have always been interested in and still follow, and th
  13. That's interesting as Droz made a number of modifications at the Paris mint and some of the French coins have a lettered edge - I wonder which came first??
  14. The only British coin by Droz I have is a pattern sixpence from 1790. Many of the top engravers seem to have moved around Europe quite freely despite the wars going on!
  15. Very interesting, particularly as the recoinage of 1816 happened at the end of the Napoleonic period. This period in France appears to lack the small denominations with only a single issue (1808BB) of the 5 centimes being in copper so I assumed there was plenty of the earlier small denomination coinage still available - I could easily be wrong as there doesn't seem to be much of that about either and certainly not in high grade. There are many other things I would like to collect however I have enough trouble just collecting coins - does auction catalogues count??!