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  1. So all prices shown for 1956 Franklin proofs not attributed as Type 1 or Type 2 are actually null and void. This coin would go from $2200 to $325 if I send it in for Variety plus attribution. Why even list prices for non attributed ‘56 proofs?
  2. I own the coin pictured here in this post and when I scan the bar code in the Verify NGC app, it lists the price guide value as $2,200. While the label doesn’t indicate a type, it appears to be a Type 2. If you look up a Type 2 PF 68 Cameo in the price guide, the value is listed at $325. Why the discrepancy? The price guide also shows a listing for just a 1956 (no type designated) and there you find the $2,200 value for a 68 Cameo. I am dazed and confused, happily so if in fact my coin is actually worth $2,200. By the way, the price guide for a Type 1 68 Cameo is $3,600.
  3. Can you post the link to the Collector Society web site? I assume it is different from NGC web site?
  4. I can no longer access the “old” format where I could add coins, delete coins for inventory purposes and download xcell reports! What happened? If this inventory tool is no longer available, then I have lost a lot of info and will be very upset!
  5. I received an email today from US Mint urging me to sign up for enrollment programs and get free shipping: "Sign up today for an Enrollment Program and receive free budget shipping.". I called the mint customer service and asked if this was for all enrollment programs and after being on hold, was told yes, it applied to all enrollment programs. So, I enrolled for ASE proof, ASE unc, Silver proof set and clad proof sets, uncirculated (mint) sets and America the Beautiful silver proof sets. I guess time will tell if the free shipping is true.