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  1. I want to thank everyone for your comments. I have purchased a red book and spent time looking at it. We have slowly started getting the State quarters which appealed to her a lot. I did choose to buy her a 2008 W Silver Eagle PF 70 Ultra Cameo for her hard work this year at school. In addition, I am considering the searching through roles of coins. We could look for the State quarters. However, is there any chance of ever finding the older silver quarters from the 40s-60s? I know that there has been a ton of searching done but still hear of an occasional cool find like that. My main goal is to have fun with my daughter but make sure that anything we buy has some decent chance to be valuable later in life if she would ever need to sell it. Thanks all!
  2. Hi, My name is David and I used to collect coins many years ago. Unfortunately, I dont have any of the coins since I had a falling out with my father. Recently, my eight year old daughter and I went through our local flea market and stopped by a coin dealer. She immediately got interested in coins. Since she wants to collect them I thought we could do it as a father/daughter thing. That being said, we decided to start the State Quarter Collection as our first major project. In addition, for her doing well in school this year I purchased her a 2008 W Silver Eagle Proof NGC Ultra Cameo (her birth year) and a Ronald Reagan gold inauguration coin. I am looking for a little guidance as I would like to have a top five want list for us to find. We want these to be not the cheapest but not the most expensive coins either. We are looking at this like a scavenger hunt. These would be the first additions to our collection other than what we already purchased. So I am wanting to see what you all would suggest for a handful of coins for us to begin looking for? Also do you recommend graded coins only or does it matter? THANKS!