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  1. I'm still waiting to receive a USPS priority package that shipped Monday....
  2. LISA B Administrator 896 posts Joined: March 26, 2007 ADMINISTRATOR Posted November 11, 2020 Hello Guy MD, Our P.O. Box is located in our Facility. I'm sure that your package is here safe and sound. As of yesterday we were opening the mail that was delivered to us on November the 6th. Thank you, Lisa
  3. Then what is the Official Address?? I am not sure what the official address for NGC is.
  4. I’m not sure what your point was, but they have their own post office. I am not sure about NGC but, I do know that CGC has it's own Post Office. So, it would not surprise me if NGC does have it's own PO too.
  5. I feel that given the rate of increase in price of many other collectibles, more people will turn to investing in coins. At current prices, I will not be purchasing 1 comic. I will be more inclined to buy coins. I see this happening with others, that are getting priced out of of their primary collectible.
  6. I may try to. It's clearly a junk coin. I'll know better next time to read everything more carefully. With the coin in hand you can see all the high points flattened down and abridged. That's kinda false advertising. Send something like that. I would return the coin based on the description. Note the part in bold. The only way this works is if the quality is equal to or better than the grade and pictures shown in our listings. We adhere to stick grading standards to make this possible. This is why we receive nearly 50k positive feedbacks annually and a Top Seller in the coin
  7. I ask because many other collectibles have skyrocketed in price during the last 3 months. Many key comics that were worth 5 to 10K 3 months ago are now worth 10 to 20K or more now. The same has been happening with many other collectibles. How is the coin market these days? Any substantial gain in value for the more desirable coins?
  8. What a cool find. About 40 years ago, I found a 1919 dime in the garden. That's the highlight of my buried treasure finds. Usually it's a rock.
  9. I totally agree. Climate change is real and a huge concern.