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  1. Exactly. I was just posting some samples. Besides, a coin grading contest on the comic side would probably wake Arch from hibernation.
  2. Here's round 10 results for one of the contests, so you can check out the charts. A separate thread was started prior to the results thread. You PM all of your guesses. Also, there's no discussing the books to be graded until after the round closes. This takes place in the hey buddy can you spare a grade forum. The March Madness contest is set up totally different. You have to beat 1 opponent in each round. Say you have 128 players in the first round. The second round, there's 64 players. The final round has just 2 people with a winner in the end.
  3. We have a few grading contests a year on the comic side. They generally have several rounds, and take a few weeks. People also donate prizes. Usually a tech savvy person helps with cool charts to keep score. Points are awarded. bullseye 5 points one grade off 3 points 2 grades off 1 point. More than that -1. The March Madness contest is set up differently. They are tons of fun and real popular. I could see this being a fun, annual event in the coin forum one day.
  4. I only graded #9 and kept it to myself. I did nail it, including the PL designation.
  5. FWIW, I see nothing wrong with your posts. You were merely being candid. I don't know how others may view it, but I have always appreciated your candidness with me in the past including with coins posted here, pieces purchased from you when you were a dealer, and your help in auction viewing. To the original poster, I wish you the very best with your new purchase. Mark Feld wasn't being mean to you, and is merely trying to be helpful. While I think that many of the posters and collectors that have responded to your post so far are knowledgeable, I do think it is worth pointing out that Mark is a former NGC grader, an occasional CAC grader, and he has worked with numerous national dealerships including his own in the past. He is currently a senior numismatist with Heritage Auctions/Galleries. He is also one of the most honest and helpful dealers/numismatists you will ever meet. Yep. I should also state that if I ask for opinions on a coin, I wouldn't want the answer sugar coated by Mark or anyone else.
  6. Congratulations. It's a real nice coin.
  7. You "haven't seen much of a reaction"? So the 140 post (as of the time I am writing this) thread to which you recently posted doesn't count? I didn't see anyone jumping up and down with joy in that thread.
  8. Yes, as we established in the last three threads about the subject, the HPA... Just kidding... That is good. I am glad we can now joke about it, and manage to confine one of our exchanges to less than epic proportions. Coming soon, to a theater near you.... the epic tale of a coin forum and its struggle.... Watch as hobbyists fight to be heard.... Relive the tortured arguments.... Listen as wise sages offer unheeded guidance.... Choose to fight with reason against trolls... how will it end? .... Portrayed in magnificent Technicolor..... The Collector Society Forums. I wonder if the new forum will make a difference? Will there be a like feature on everyone's posts? That might help expose lurkers and show this forum gets a decent audience.
  9. I didn't see the missing posts but, I do know that if one post in a thread is removed, it takes all of the reply's too. It's highly possible that the moderator's intent was to remove just one post.