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  1. The US did not use domestic US coins for support of partisans - that would have meant immediate death if captured. The Army, OSS, and State Dept used silver and gold coins from local countries or that were in international circulation. Gold coins included sovereigns, Napoleons, Swiss and Italian -- even a few Canadian. Never US gold coins - they were not a normal part of pe-war exchange. PS: Silver bullion was useless to locals. In the Philippines pre-war coins were used along with counterfeit Japanese occupation currency, and penicillin. If you want more information on recovery of Philip
  2. I won't be able to attend this year. Please, email me the steamed shrimp and lobster, some of those nice beef fillets with the colored toothpicks, and a liter of the good champagne --- Louis Roederer 2009 Cristal --- not that South African stuff. Thank you very much!
  3. All of it falls back on the absence of clear, repeatable standards - plus inconsistency.
  4. Tell us a little about your collection. Do you have questions the members can answer?
  5. I'm sure the moose would feel better. As for QE-II....lots of miles left on the old girl.
  6. Try this search on Google: "Venetian osella coins"
  7. From about 1836 to the mid-1980s the coinage process was similar, although with elimination of most melting, refining and rolling steps after removal of silver from most circulation coins in1965 (1964-date). [See my book From Mine to Mint for information and details.] Modern processes are different and not clearly explained in most publications.
  8. ...and there are lots of those running around in the Emperor's new clothes.
  9. If you post sharp photos of a couple of the coins, members will be glad to offer their thoughts.
  10. Only to a limited extent as part of smoothing distribution to FRBs. Quantities of older, but uncirculated, coins sit around various vaults, and will occasionally end up in circulation -- examples might include statehood quarters that suddenly show up in bank rolls. However, there is no organized distribution for collectors beyond the US Mint's sales and special packaging.
  11. Manufacture of 1921 Peace dollars was pushed by President Harding so that coins would be available during the Limitation of Armaments Conference ending in January 1922 in Washington, D.C. That is why the project suddenly "caught fire" in November 1921. The "new" Philadelphia Mint had three primary vaults: a small one for the Cashier, and two large ones for gold and silver respectively. The silver vault was crowded with dollar coins and temporary storage of subsidiary silver. That resulted in some of the dollars being stuck into gold vault cages.
  12. What are the XRF results for the alloy? Added: A 1941 cent and a 1947 cent will likely have different alloys; much less tin, if any, in 1947 cents. The photos above "prove" nothing at all -- except that possibly it was in a parking lot once. "1941" date is as good a guess as any.
  13. French coup d'etat Dec. 1851. This was Louis Napoleon's 3rd attempt at dictatorship, but this time he was also the elected President of the Republic. Thus, he over threw himself and titled himself "Prince-President." About a year later he decided "Emperor" was better. The "10" might refer to the 10-year term of the French "presidency" under N-III's so-called constitution, or it might refer to his 10th anniversary in office (1862). Given that the number is within a glory, it is more likely the latter. Whatever medal it is, it is of low quality and not something the Paris Mint would produce
  14. Drop me a note if you are critical about grammar, editing, etc., and like numismatic history. Can always use another set of eyes on the next book.
  15. Never heard it in GB.....odd how we miss some things.
  16. You're right. I didn't show my work and made a mistake in counting toes. War nickel alloy at top, standard CuNi alloy below. War nickel density will nearly always be lower due to defects in manufacturing and rolling the alloy and the source of Mn. (Electrolytic was best but not always available.) % Σ Cu 8.96 56 5.02 Ag 10.49 35 3.67 Mn 7.43 9 0.67 D= <9.36
  17. Want some milk on your frosted conflation flakes?
  18. RE: "very seasoned collector". What spices and herbs are used to "season a collector?" Do they have to be brined or marinated before seasoning and roasting? Are there different seasonings for different collectors -- maybe saffron for gold collectors, or tyme and rosemary for silver coin enthusiasts? Not really important, just curious about what to look for at the concession places during the next big coin show....
  19. Very unlikely to find a silver dime or quarter, anything else, even less likely. [PS: If English is not a comfortable language, please write in your native tongue. It will be easier on all of us.]
  20. Ahhhhhh --- the famous "Flying Bison" captured as it landed on a branch. They're all like this. Sorry.