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  1. Does this 1949 Canadian penny look anything like the A-Towards 2 variety? Ty in advance
  2. Thank you very much Bob for your response. Appreciate it.
  3. Bipolar baby, i never argued, but there seems to be a mint error bias here & automatically thd coin is dismissed. If that werent true youd understand my responses to those who have the greater responsibility to instruct & not tell them to destruck. Every question ive had on error coins here have been down played while i have other lifers in the field telling me different. I dont hold pride, i just want an accurate answer & the error varriety community is groing finally & many of the old ways of thinking are being dismissed. I guess, if you treat me & my coin concerns as a joke, then how serious are you for the little guy, such as the kids coming up. Take me seriously & i you. I work with the same equipment you guys do basically, so either give an explanation with your answer otherwise your just like all those who claimed no more ‘43 variations exist whatsoever. Do you get it Mohack.
  4. I came back in the ‘90s with 12 of these & sent them to be verified & they were all considered fake. I believe I have like 6 left, I’ve never cleaned them, but I do notice what you’re talking about because I see differences in the variety which makes me suspicious as there validity. If I get them from storage & take pics & send, might you be able to answer this? Ty.
  5. I did that one for Mohawk.... just an inside joke he posted the other day
  6. I’ve seen some online before & most were purely copper. I’ve done all the test - magnet etc. it is clearly copper either over another metal or some other explanation. The sides are also copper as you see.
  7. What animal answers these people that graded these? Never judge based on limited information such as a picture & always be a non-conformist