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  1. The entire world is constantly increasing competition even on companies that thought their authentication was the only option. Their are many others now & I’m promise your limited scope on the 3 your referring too is what will be many companies downfalls. I’ve lived all over the world & I know for a fact this is true for all business whether you want to recognize yourself as that or not. I’ve seen jobs like yours turn into a SWOT downfall. Pride usually comes before a huge fall. Why do you think most businesses have relocated outside domestic. Even your company is doing its best to do so also & compete even though judging those coins were never done by them before. They are 1 of many competing on a world stage & have no such monopoly on grading as was thought before. Your job is less & less unique day by day do to many factors including availability of the knowledge & technology kept. This ‘hobby’ for me is a passion for my free time. Just like the jewelry & jewel market, the volatility of yours is way up. Israel has a leading contender & rightfully so. They dig coins up that you guys refuse. You can call me a troll & continue to devalue the reputation of the NGC, but it does not change the fact that your niche, is no longer a niche. & out of all the coffee shops in the world, y’all are not Starbucks, by no means...
  2. I’m not a troll & im not positive Mohack that I’d trust the NGC. There are many other options now. It’s a global economy & yes, even you are guaranteed to compete, or be complete..... I’m your huckleberry friend
  3. The doctorate is actually in medicine, he’s a millionaire & has actual intelligence.... not uneducated opinions....
  4. I have backing by professional grader with PHD on PF New Orleans Morgan. Prominance established by a true adult. Closer to that crow you may eat....
  5. I obviously meant compared to normal found for those dates & was really referring to the 1864 Indian head & 1908 s Indian head. Hard to find in a roll nowadays. But compared to that coin, yes, yours is bigger than mine....
  6. I actually ‘love’ all of you guys, sort of a directive given to me by the one I truly know is Love. I do & have thanked & continue to thank you guys for any meaningful help and I promise I submit to the extensive experience of the people involved & the free advice as Mowhack put it. I believe what you do here is meaningful, it adds value to the numismatic community for one, but also gives those who may not have any other place to go for help with this hobby a invaluable resource, a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, & caring graders, collectors & human beings. There are so many bad examples out there to discourage coin collectors that I’m very appreciative that there is one that holds a true standard of caring & meaning. I inspired someone to collect & never knew it till 2 days ago. He was a boy when I stayed with his family that helped me while I worked & went through college at the same time. He had an actually wonderful set of coins & absorbed every word I told him. He’s a doctors son & he’s going through & getting his Docterate in physical therapy/preventative treatment. I only showed the kids my coins a few times & never realized how observant they truly were. He has 5 btw. So, he saw how it took my interest, I was late teens early 20s then and after life moved on developed his own unique experience with the hobby. Have a wonderful week, Travis
  7. Sounds like a bunch of immature geriatrics....
  8. Has anyone ever seen this error before? I believe I saw one gentleman have one, but can’t place where.
  9. I hope & assume that you know some history about Louisiana since there was once a mint here. That mint hasn’t been here in a long time & that coin was made well before that unlike any other New Orleans coin I’ve seen. I’m 39 & grew up on the mission field in the Ukraine. I’ve collected coins from every country in the world since we moved around that much anyway & the ‘80s in the Ukraine were like the 50s here. Not a lot for me to do. We traveled & lived & started churches in most of Asia. I beheld China before the so called curtain fell. I have currency I guarantee you’ve never seen. I looked & no one graded them yet. When coming back to Louisiana at 16, I learned how ignorant, backwards & corrupt this place still was in ‘97. Ive always had friends older than me meaning twice my age most the time because most of my generation here I’d dumb down for. Now, New Orleans was & I suspect always will be one of the most corrupt city I’ve been to. It was originally a docking port & penal colony for the French. I can also promise you that the leadership here to this day is corrupt as ever. I’m sure you even remember Edwin Edwards. So from the unique history I already know, but also the history that is never told or leaves here even books about that mint. I’m positive it was closed for more than you know. The only logical conclusion I have about a coin that is so pf like that it looks fake to come out of that place we’re the instructed branch ones ordered from Philadelphia. Those I’ve seen & look nothing near as nice. I believe it was one of leadership had it made for himself. I’m researching exstensively and even into your theory. I’ve looked at many polished Morgans. Oh, yes, btw I have smelted and sold precious metals since the inception of eBay. I even use nitric acid to purify & only suggest professionals do this. I’ve polished, examined sold many things with the unique contacts I do have. I also use a forensic computer device to magnify & penitrate the metals & coin for analyzing. The ir/uv scattered X-ray eliminates many factors. I’m sure you’ve seen this technology by now. With me, I guess because of consistency usually have to trace in my mind the process & circumstances something came to be. I have a Doctor friend that is 72 and is letting me read his library with history books about Louisiana & the mint that doesn’t exist anywhere else. I promise I searched. These are a lot of one off accounts books & very unique. Plus picking his brain. Even at 72 I promise he’s sharper than me by far. For him to be interested at all gives weight to what I’m researching. I’m sure you know that Louisiana is the only state that practices Nopoleanic code laws. You have to take two separate bar exams to practice here. Similar for CPAs who practice. If I rule out polishing, the only logical thoughts I have at this point is either it’s a fake from before I was born. Meaning that person or entity would’ve had to break federal law to create it. Or Second, & very likely here was made for some good old boy in power that got it done by request or for favor. I’m still not ruling other circumstances, I’ve got a ways to go still. You also do need to understand that the coin sat side by side my grandparents Confederate Currency. I have learned a very suspicious piece of my family’s history. My great grandfather, her dad, was a wealthy businessman a timber business & didn’t believe in banks and hordes an entire chest his sons took full of gold & silver. From what I’m told, he was the best around here at what he did & ive seen some of his work & it amazes me the quality. It is entirely very likely he obtained this and she got it. I’ve never meant any disrespect to you or anybody that has helped me with advice & I very much respect your experience & knowledge. The only point I believe I stated was never, even towards the end of professionalism stop accepting new information and keep learning. The moment we say we know it all is the moment we become stuck in a pattern of experience & perception that will never change or grow. There is common sense, there is knowledge/information, but only when we keep an open mind do we continue to obtain wisdom. I believe you are wise and appreciate your help and everyone’s help in any way/form given. I do take this hobby very seriously, or too seriously according to my wife. To her generation, she’s 30, they all say it’s an old man’s hobby & have no interest or respect to it at all. I just tell them that I was raised with the saying that if you have a hobby, make sure it’s one that makes money. Over time, I have made & make profit always and get to enjoy the hobby. It quiets my mind & keeps me from going crazy. I am very detail oriented to a fault and I don’t drink, never have, or have anything else that stops racing. So, I apologize because I can get caught on something sometimes that will drive me crazy till I know & observe the truth. Thank you is what I’m saying and you have my respect for sure sir... & secretly I consider what you do to be my dream job.... have a blessed day...
  10. Very interesting two cents. The ‘30s one almost looks rusted & steel like.
  11. another example i have that all reference....