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  1. Thank you .... my basic thoughts as well just looking for confirmation. Appreciate the extra look Coinbuf!
  2. The corrosion on this 1814 crosslet 4 large cent is pretty evident but I do like the details of LIBERTY and the ear/hair visibility. That said is the corrosion so far gone that this coin loses it value as a potential vg-8 or better? Thanks for looking!
  3. Yup, that was my concern as well Bob. It definitely has a few dings but that one is the most evident.
  4. Good day, looking for opinions on this Draped Bust small 6 - stemless half cent. Considering as a candidate for my next submission. I have this at perhaps a F-12 which would give me enough value to grade. Any input is appreciated. I included two different lighting aspects to show the details better. Thanks for looking!
  5. That was my initial thought Greenstang but wasn't sure. On another subject this year does carry a pretty good premium for EF and better (my opinion is EF40 to AU50) but would the date depreciate the potential grade?
  6. The date on this one is almost gone but the overall wear of this coin is minimal. Was there greased filled strikes at this time or maybe perhaps this was a weak strike on the date only?? On a side note .... I really like the condition of this coin! Thanks for looking
  7. Thanks Bob .... seemed a bit fat in the middle to me so I couldn't decide
  8. Good day everyone, I have a couple of nickels I am looking at. First up is this 1873 and would like an opinion on closed or open '3' on this Shield nickel. Thanks for looking
  9. I am trying to determine if this is an actual 1883 that was gold plated to pass off as $5 ... or is it a replica. The sharp lines and condition make me suspicious but the wearing of the plating looks right.
  10. Thanks .... at that price probably not silver then. Sure looks and feels like a bullion coin. The milk spots first got my attention they could be silver. Need to put on the scale when I get home.
  11. Good day, I am trying to find out what year these two commemorative coins were struck and by what mint. Haven't had much luck with google searches. They are both stamped 'made in canada' on the edge. There is also a weak strike with the word 'casey' on the second coin.
  12. Yup, I have both years but would love to get a 56 but I believe RB states on 2K to 3K where produced.