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  1. Would anyone like to chat about Conder Tokens? I thought if we started a thread we could discuss what is unique to 18th Century Provincial Tokens and perhaps learn from each other. Technical aspects of production during the 1700's perhaps? And what clues we see on the tokens, for instance. Attribution questions? Value, grade etc... Anyone? Think this reverse looks like a late die state? Looks rather fatal to me.
  2. One more: This is Kempson's personal issue token with his initials on the reverse. Warwickshire DH-6 Penny
  3. I think we need a forum just for Conder Tokens - so we can chat about them and learn from each other. A few of mine. Really nice cud on this first guy. I love the technically interesting ones: cuds, late die states etc... Mid 751 - obv. & rev - Spence's private token - he asked for one to be buried with him and they supposedly complied. Wiltshire 21r - love this reverse with the camel crest