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  1. Hi Ali! To complete de Venezuelan Central Bank Commemorative Issues: - Silver Commemorative Issues, 1980-Date, Mint State & Proof - Gold Commemorative Issues, 1975-Date, Mint State & Proof I ask that you please add these 5 coins to a new set - Bronze, Brass and Steel Commemorative Issues, 1999-Date, Mint State 1999 VENEZUELA FOUNDING OF MARACAY MINT 3000B (Bronze) SN: 2809982-013 (2001) VENEZUELA PORT OF MARACAY 300TH ANNIVERSARY - BRASS 20KB SN: 4220092-001 SN: 3972749-015 2010 VENEZUELA INDEPENDENCE
  2. Hi Ali. No coins have been added to this set yet. Best wishes. Fernando Venezuela: Gold Commemorative Issues, 1975-Date, Mint State & Proof
  3. Hi Ali. I don´t understand why this coin is not included in this set. Please take a look. Venezuela Reform Coinage, Type Set, 2007-Date, Circulation Issue NGC Cert # 3972751-013 NGC Description 2011 VENEZUELA INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY 25C NGC Grade MS 68 Best regards, Fernando
  4. Venezuela: Silver Commemorative Issues, 1980-Date, Mint State & Proof Hi Ali. This coin does not exist in PROOF, please delete the slot. (2001) BATTLE OF CARABOBO 180TH ANNIVERSARY S25KB PF Thanks!
  5. Hi Ali: You have included the same coin twice in this set. The two coins are the same, the only difference are the labels. Venezuela Competing Sets Silver Commemorative Issues, 1980-Date, Mint State & Proof Venezuela S1100B 1991 MEETING OF TWO WORLDS DISCOVERY OF AMERICA 1992 COLUMBUS QUINCENTENNIAL Best wishes, Fernando
  6. Hi Ali! I´ve talked to some collectors of Venezuelan coins and they have shown interest in competing in a set made up of the conmemorative coins issued by the Central Bank. I've tried to convince you before with no luck, I hope you might reconsider. Keep safe! The set can be called: Venezuela Central Bank Conmemorative Coins Best regards, Fernando Aguerrevere Reference: https://www.numismatica.com.ve/conmemorativasplata.html
  7. Thanks! You are correct on not adding the 1965 1/4, my mistake.
  8. Hi Ali! To complete existing sets please add these for Venezuelan coins: To complete: ¼ Bolivar, Silver, 1894-1948, Circulation Issue Please add: To complete: ½ Bolivar, Silver, 1879-1946, Circulation Issue, Please add: Best wishes, Fernando Aguerrevere
  9. Please add: Venezuela S500B 1992 VENEZUELA BATTLE OF MATASIETE S500B 1995 VENEZUELA UNITED NATIONS 50TH ANNIVERSARY S500B 1995 VENEZUELA SUCRE BICENTENNIAL S500B 1990 VENEZUELA PAEZ BICENTENNIAL S500B 1997A VENEZUELA CONSPIRACY BICENTENNIAL S500B My serial numbers: 2809982-036, 2809982-034, 2807649-012, 2809982-001, 2823046-003 Thanks!!!
  10. I've bought a lot of Venezuelan coins on Heritage. Once I get old enough (I'm 68 years young) I'll consider Heritage to sell my entire collection instead of leaving that pain in the butt to my kids.
  11. A VISUAL PROOF OF EXISTING VARIETIES FOR FIVE BOLÍVARES 1926 VENEZUELAN COINS. Using Adobe PhotoShop (PS) we will compare 5 bolívares 1926 coins with the objective of proving the existence of several varieties not recognized by the grading companies (NGC; PCGS; ANACS; etc.) We will explain the method used and then will proceed with our conclusions. To compare coins we will first align them and then resize them. For alignment we will use the top horizontal line of the shield. After alignment we will convert all coins to the same size. I will choose 1300 x
  12. You can get a pretty good idea if the images are correct because once you compare them everything matches except the dates (variants).
  13. Hi! I don´t have an answer for the die question. Regarding Photoshop I can assure you that the program creates no distortion when resizing. With regard to the distortion when taking the picture I agree one has to be extremely careful. Up to now I´ve worked with photos obtained from third sources, grading and auction companies. I´ve been stuck in Madrid for 5 months, when I get back home I´ll take photos of my own coins. Regarding the validity of the method, I believe, if you do this with extreme care it is surely better than comparing two coins with a loupe.
  14. When I click on the VarietyPlus link for Venezuela there is only one variety listed: 1872 TACHIRA STAR UNDER DENOMINATION 2R MS. NGC Attribution: TACHIRA STAR UNDER DENOMINATION However there are a lot of varieties listed in the NGC census. Why? Also, I have sent coins for variety designation and they have been returned as "NO VARIETY". There is no way of telling if a coin is not a variety or it has not been designated a variety. As an example, I have the following coins, all Venezuela 5B 1936 The NGC census shows three coins: 1936, 1936 HIGH 3 & 1936 LOW 3. Q