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  1. Hi Welsh Dragon: YES ! -- It is unacceptable for NGC to encapsulate coins tilted. -- It is simply unacceptable and if NGC has a "Final Quality Inspector" (as they proudly announce), this mistake should not be allowed to go through ... In fact, it is NOT a mistake, it is SLOPPINESS. Further, for such a "serious, top-level grading house", they should be encapsulating with the Anverso of the coin matching with the Front Label of the capsule, but not, and you get a series of coins (same type, different years) showing either the Anverso or the Reverso at the face of the capsule. This should NOT happen ! *** Anybody listening over there, NGC ?? -- Hello ! Hello ! Anybody there, NGC ?
  2. This question is really a Proposal and it is geared to NGC (and other grading companies). -- I collect World Coins (Spain Colonies) and by the fact that they are old, partly worn and coming from different Mints and Years, one would expect DIFFERENT WEIGHTS and after encapsulation, we can not find the weight and we are not going to spend another U$ 35 to re-encapsulate ... -- In reality and out of love for the Science of Numismatics, the Wight of the Coin SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THE LABEL -- By all means !! -- What can NGC say about this ?? -- It is a simple operation and IT IS NEEDED !!