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  1. Very nice Gold! Snagged this piece yesterday: POP 13/0
  2. I found a 1957 P in 67RB. Thanks all for any help provided!
  3. Retired Navy and would like to have one in my collection. Looking for a Proof example. Thanks! PM me please.
  4. Still in search of the 1957 Lincoln in 67 RB. I guess a nice RD will do.
  5. The Society for U.S. Commemorative Coins was formed in 1983. They started the Commemorative Trail Newsletter. All the Heavy Hitters in the Early Commemorative series were part of this Society. Maybe a good reason prices rose?
  6. Some SUPER copper throughout this thread!!
  7. Snagged this piece recently. I had a 66+ in the slot already so it had to be the right 67 to replace it. Adding the 67-D moved my birth year set from #7 to #6. I was at #3 last year.
  8. Thanks all for the questions and Bob for his answers to those questions concerning the 1902 Indian Head Cent. PF68 Cameo (Sellers Image): Bob's Image:
  9. Here they are. All coins are NGC graded. The first image is what I had, the second is what Bob did for me: More to follow.