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  1. leeg

    Book Project

    Thanks I'll check it out.
  2. leeg

    Post your NGC star toners!

    Appreciate it rrantique!
  3. The 1923-S Monroe Doctrine Silver Half Dollar never get's any love. You can find some nice ones out there. Such as mine above from CRO. A little history: Inquiry as to the purpose of the issue has brought a letter from F. B. Davison, Director-General, as follows: ‘I take pleasure in stating that the object of the proposed issue of Monroe Centennial souvenir half dollars is that we may use same for the purpose of raising funds with which to justify the great cost of reproducing the high lights of American history, which reproduction is to be advised by an historical commission composed of the heads of universities, colleges and secondary educational institutions in the State of California. Upon the presentation of these reproductions a series of educational films may be made as a contribution of civilization to be used in connection with our schools and other education agencies.’ The above letter has the following heading: ‘Monroe Doctrine Centennial. First Annual American Historical Revue and Motion Picture Industrial Exposition, Commemorating the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine, June 1, 1823, to June 30, 1923, Under the Direction and Supervision of the Motion Picture Industry. Above courtesy of The Numismatist, Motion-Picture Industry Behind Commemorative Half Dollar, February, 1923, p. 62-63.
  4. Thank you. A PF-68 Cameo is worth more points in the registry.
  5. The past thirty days have been good to me:
  6. This one on the way soon:
  7. numisport. Seller's image. Looks like LED's?
  8. Making payments on this piece: