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  1. Stewart Blay told me this example had been treated with Ammonia. Sent it back to PCGS and they took it off the market. They must have agreed. They did make me whole.
  2. Thanks all for your thoughts and comments so far!
  3. Most know I'm writing a book around the series. Yeah I know, I've been saying that for years and years. Ha Ha. I've actually sent three chapters for proof reading and editing. So there. Most say the series is in the pits. No money to be made. Personally, I'm not in it to make money. I'm in the series for the designs, history and people behind them. Nicely toned examples have no top price. Whoever wants it the most, regardless the cash, will own it. I paid over $800 for this Maine in 63 OGH (before CAC was around): Mike Printz image I sold it to a fellow collector at the price I paid. Didn't make a dime. Sold most of my early commemoratives on GC a couple months ago. Did Okay. I saved the special ones for my self though: Some very knowledgeable folk's said one of the finest they've seen, regardless of grade (AU55 OGH). Mark Goodman image. Sorry, but no one I know can touch Mark on imaging and pricing. Sorry for the long winded post. Go ahead and share your early commemoratives and tell the story behind your purchase if there is one.
  4. Nice examples all! Added this one to my Mint Set. Normally I prefer color but this is a tough coin, POP 32/0/10/1.
  5. Hi All, Now Live on GC. Most POP 1/0 All are on this page: https://www.greatcollections.com/search.php?denomination[0]=28&dEnom_search=1&mode=product&sort=01&page=2&pp=50 More to follow.
  6. Prefer some color. TIA
  7. Hi all, Need a couple toned coins for my birth year Mint Set. Hope someone here can help me out. Need a 57-P Roosie in 66 FT. I currently have a 67+. I have a 66+ Washington that has been hard to replace with a 67. Here it is: If you have a 67-D Washington nicer than this, hit me up.