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  1. If I could be there I for sure would go to this one.
  2. The photographer of that coin is the owner. You would contact them to get a yea or nay on picture use.
  3. It has been fun.

    Hope your sale goes well. Are you leaving the hobby?
  4. Book Project

    I just got the news that I did not get a grant. 16 applicants for two grants. Congrat's to David Gelwicks and Lawrence Korchnak!
  5. 1921 Alabama Half Dollar

    Thanks Bill and mommam17. This is one of those coins you have to "Pay Up' to own.
  6. 1921 Alabama Half Dollar

    Sold this coin in 2008 to a Forum Member. I asked to have first shot if it came available. Much to my surprise, the owner contacted me and asked if I wanted to back, I said "H_ LL Yes! Here is the image that Mark Goodman took: Alabama half dollar ‘Plain.’ On December 23, 1921 the mint struck 54,030 plain coins. Reserved pieces included 28 for Annual Assay and 2 for Special Assay. 5,000 returned to the Mint for melting. Designed and modeled by Laura Gardin Fraser and distributed by the Alabama Centennial Commission. Approved by Congress on May 10, 1920 and issued to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the admission of the State of Alabama into the Union. Design: Obverse: Depicts two Alabama governors: Wyatt Bibb (1819) and Thomas Kilby (1919). The 2x2 and 22 stars reflect Alabama as the 22nd State in the Union, the X between the 22 refers to the red St. Andrew’s cross on the state flag. Saint Andrew was the patron saint of Scotland. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is seen on the top, with IN GOD WE TRUST below. HALF DOLLAR is seen on the bottom. BIBB – KILBY is seen above. Reverse: Depicts an eagle perched on a horizontal shield with arrows in its talons and a ribbon in its beak. The ribbon states the motto ‘HERE WE REST’. At the top is STATE OF ALABAMA with the dates. Thanks Ty
  7. Book Project

    Peer review has been completed. Waiting on the CSNS results for the grant I applied for, results this month.
  8. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    I have a birthday this month. I like to buy a coin during October as a gift to me. Sold this coin in 2008 to a board member. Buyer gave me first shot to repurchase, I did. PCGS AU55 OGH. It would be tough to find a more colorful example.
  9. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    Welcome to the forums. Here is the link for NGC Coin Grading: https://www.ngccoin.com/submit-coins/how-to-submit.aspx