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  1. leeg

    Share Your Research

    I'm currently rebuilding my 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition Chapter after a hard drive failure. I know, I know, backup.
  2. leeg

    "AU" Certified Coins

    Thanks Just Bob. I've had a lot of offers on this one. They said they buy them looking like this one, all day. I had sold it an asked for first shot if they wanted to sell it. Thankfully he wanted to sell and I bought it back. Others I've sold nice coins to, haven't given me first shot.
  3. leeg

    "AU" Certified Coins

    Thanks all for your comments. Here is another AU, my favorite:
  4. We all have heard the words "Buy the coin, not the Holder." For the most part I try and do that. As an example: Please discuss your thoughts on the AU grade and post one if you have one.
  5. Added two coins to my Birth Set Registry: Like the obverse the reverse is unique, 67+ (only 10 57-P FT Roosie's in the Census) Nice look with some color, 65FBL The seller can not find the Franklin in his inventory. He said he had another Franklin in 65 FBl with better color. I told him to send it. Here is the replacement coin:
  6. leeg

    Share Your Research

    Just wanted to a little something to this thread: This is Agustus Lukeman's vision of Stone Mountain after Borglum was fired.
  7. All coins listed are the right one or wrong one. Not really listed coins thinking of varieties. Thanks for your thoughts though.
  8. It's ok and Thank You. My book might be two or three volumes.
  9. This quiz is just in fun. Cheating doesn't help anyone. If you don't get 100% so what. Just get's the brain cells moving around. I'll post the answers before the long weekend is over. Enjoy 1) What silver half dollar commemorative has the lowest mintage? A. 1935-D Daniel Boone B. 1935/1934 Daniel Boone C. 1922 Grant with Star D. 1928 Hawaii 2) Laura Fraser designed the Oregon Trail commemorative. What are the other commemorative halves she designed? A. Alabama, Grant, and Fort Vancouver. B. Alabama, Grant, and Vermont C. Alabama, Missouri, and Fort Vancouver D. Alabama only 3) The busts of Admiral Gaspar De Coligny and William the Silent appeared on which coin? A. Spanish Trail B. Maryland C. Huguenot-Walloon D. Connecticut 4) Which of the following commemoratives has the lowest mintage? A. 1925 Fort Vancouver B. 1928 Hawaii C. 1935 Texas D. 1935 Old Spanish Trail 5) How many different commemorative type coins were minted during 1936? A. 7 B. 5 C. 24 D. 21 6) How many different commemorative type coins were minted during 1935? A. 7 B. 5 C. 3 D. 9 7) What non-gold commemorative coin of the 1980’s has the lowest mintage? A. 1988-D Olympic Dollar B. 1989-D Congress Half Dollar C. 1984-D Olympic Dollar D. 1982-D George Washington Half Dol. 8) Pompeo Coppini designed what outstanding commemorative? A. Spanish Trail B. Connecticut C. San Diego D. Texas 9) Anthony De Francisci, the designer of the Peace silver dollar, also designed what commemorative? A. Illinois B. Panama-Pacific C. Maine* C. Pilgrim 10) On how many commemorative coins does George Washington appear? A. 3 B. 2 C. 4 D. 5 11) Who was the first person to appear on any U.S. commemorative coin while still living? A. John McLoughlin B. Thomas Kilby C. President Coolidge D. Carter Glass 12) Which commemorative has a fleur-de-lis on its reverse? A. Roanoke B. Elgin C. Albany D. New Rochelle 13) Which commemorative displays on its reverse the likeness of Peter Schuyler, Robert Livingston, and Thomas Dongan? A. Elgin B. Rhode Island C. Albany D. None 14) Generals McClellan and Lee appear on which commemorative coin? A. Gettysburg B. Antietam C. Stone Mountain D. Lynchburg, Virginia 15) What silver commemorative coin has Joseph Robinson on its reverse? A. Arkansas B. Long Island C. Bridgeport D. Alabama 16) Howard Kenneth Weinman, son of A. A. Weinman, designed which commem? A. Lexington-Concord B. Maryland C. Long Island D. Illinois 17) John Quincy Adams appears on which commemorative coin? A. None B. Lexington-Concord C. Monroe Doctrine D. York County 18) The flagship, ‘Half Moon,’ appears on which commemorative coin? A. Delaware B. Huguenot-Walloon C. Long Island D. Hudson 19) The word ‘DIRIGO’ appears on which commemorative coin? A. Missouri B. Roanoke Island C. Delaware D. Maine 20) Which was the first commemorative coin to carry the motto, ‘In God We Trust?’ A. Lexington-Concord B. Lafayette Dollar C. Maine D. Panama-Pacific * Roger W. Burdette, noted researcher, has since found proof that the coin was designed from sketches by Harry H. Cochrane and modeled by Anthony de Francisci. Till next time Enjoy.
  10. leeg

    1900 NGC MS63+ $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle

    Hi. Please read the rules and put all your coins in one thread. You're taking away from other collectors with one post all the time.
  11. Much thanks. Fit in my budget too. How often does that happen? Not often enough for me. It does have a little gouge on the tail feathers which shouldn't hold it back.