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  1. Looking for someone with at least two years experience doing research around the early commemorative coin series. Want proof of what you found so far, up to this date. Whoever I pick will be the recipient of stuff beyond their wildest dreams! Email is probably best. Just post that an email was sent.
  2. NGC offered both NGC and PCGS coins in their Registry for a long time. PCGS never has. I thought it inevitable that NGC would eventually make this change. My only set's are in the NGC Registry.
  3. Early Commemoratives. Each one has a separate story to tell.
  4. I think I see some color on the obverse. Heritage Images.
  5. Snagged these two off eBay with my "Best Offer:" Seller stated "Original Box." It isn't, According to Charles Keck, the designer, and Medallic Art Company the Manufaturer. The original box is an "easel type" box. Still cool though.
  6. Looking for nice luster and color. Visible Full Bell lines. PM or email. TIA
  7. Thanks all for your thoughts.
  8. Looking for thoughts on this one. NGC Price Guide in 66 - $150.00 67 - $400.00 68 - $1,250.00 TIA
  9. That 1957 coin is a nice one. Congrat's! I hope you don't mind me showing my 57P coin: