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  1. That 1957 coin is a nice one. Congrat's! I hope you don't mind me showing my 57P coin:
  2. Thanks Mark. Mark Goodman images
  3. As I look through my records it looks like 2007 was the earliest that I purchased a coin. I know it was earlier than that but after a computer crash or two it is what it is. Got backups to my backups. Here is one of the coins I purchased in 2007: Heritage 12/30/07 Sold it to a forum member and he was gracious enough to ask if I wanted it back. Of course I said YES! He sold it back to me at the same price. Who does that? A true collector. Please post the earliest coin you own in your records. No image, pass on this thread. Thank you I believe this is my first coin purchased (could be the 90s?). Not sure the year but it's a Mark Feld coin: I have mark's images but can't find them right now.
  4. a 1957 NGC PF67 Cameo Jefferson Nickel. PM or email me. TIA
  5. Back then they did not have the chemical company's that we do today. A big hindrance for them. They also used this " Pomade."
  6. The Numismatist, August 1912, p. 267. Have we learned something since then?