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  1. Your coin appears to me to be the small date variety. It is also missing two of the identifiers found on the large date variety. Coagman: I do not disagree. When I sent it to PCGS, I was convinced-- from my comparison of the same markers you looked at-- it was a Small Date and was quite surprised (and still dubious) it was designated Large Date. But who am I to question the almightly authority of PCGS (!?) Seriously, were I to get down to brass tacks in selling this coin, I would let any buyer know of my doubts. Thanks again, Mike
  2. Coagman: A sincere thanks for furthering this discussion by pointing out the possibility of the Ft. Capron hoard as possible (yes, I understand, totally unproven and unprovable) provenance/attribution AND noting but for the inability to establish provenance and the often slight difference in PCGS/NGC rating between a 55/58 and a 62, this might be/have been a 50K coin. Pictures are attached. IMHO, this coin is a stronger strike with less rub, if any, than the NGC 55 Large Date shown on their site. It also has a pleasing matte appearance and would fit in with a high grade or Registery
  3. I recently submitted a nice 1854 Twenty Dollar Gold Piece to PCGS, thinking with its nice matte finish, luster and strong strike, it might come back MS-62. It came back as "AU details, Genuine, not gradeable, Large Date (The rarer of the two!) and Salt H20 Dam(aged). So...... I am thinking this coin might well have been on the paddleboat SS Republic. I am probably dreaming here, but is there any way -- now after the fact, upon examination by NGC-- to infer and add any provenance or attribution to this coin?? Should any NCS conservation work be done on it? (There is no encrustation