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  1. I'm very happy with my new Lincolns from Six Mile Rick! I'm telling you, you're missing out if you don't take a look at his collection!
  2. Received my plaque and 1881-S Morgan $1 today. I'm very impressed at the quality of items for a "free" contest. Thanks NGC!
  3. This is probably the wrong forum for this - maybe "Ask NGC". The wait is frustrating, I know. The post office took over 6 weeks for mine just to be delivered. Then it waited in receiving for a week before NGC opened it. Then it took about a month to be notified that I should elect to conserve some of the coins. Then another 2 weeks for than, then another to ship, and then another week until I received them. What is the status under "Submission Tracking"?
  4. Hello, I'd like to request a slot for each of the the following type sets. It is a slot for the new Crossing the Delaware Quarter. Example: 6245509-065 US Type Set, including Modern Issues Quarter Dollar Type Set (Incl. 20 Cents) 21st Century Type Set, Proofs Only 21st Century Type Set, Proofs & Non-Proofs Thanks!
  5. They did not pay to have it graded, only authenticated and pedigreed. Chances are, its because it may have been cleaned, it's only AU, or something else was wrong with it.
  6. Thanks Ali... Any hints what it may be? Or is it meant to be a surprise?
  7. Hello, Does anyone know anything more about: "This year, major NGC Registry award winners will also receive an NGC-certified coin with a special label and pedigree worth approximately $100."? I have not heard anything yet
  8. Thanks for the response Lisa B. If a bought a coin from a third party, am I able to retrieve the photos some how?
  9. Why is this thread "pending approval" and why is no one approving it?
  10. Hey Karl, I looked at your set. The reason your are #2 with the same points as #1 is simple: you are behind in the tertiary criteria. 1st criteria: points 2nd criteria: % of coins with photos 3rd criteria: % of coins with comments Put some remarks on your coins and you will get boosted to #1. Out of all that are #1: order is first come, first on the list
  11. Chances are it is counterfeit, but sending it to NGC for certification is the best way to find out. If it's real, there's no reason you won't get it back, and if so, that is certainly quite a find. I wish you the best. Please update us after grading!
  12. Here is a good tip that is correct 99.99% of the time: If you have to ask if something is a replica, it is.
  13. My experience: They ship they way you told them to on your order form. Default is registered mail. No, I don't remember ever getting a tracking number. You probably can if you call customer service.
  14. If my coin had the Photo Vision service, how can I access the image? Thanks