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  1. I think you may get more responses if you post in the Counterfeit section.
  2. This request is a bit different: Can you please fix the sort on this category? All sets in this category sort in some weird fashion unlike the default "Red Book sort" in other sets. Dimes are last??? Thanks in advance.
  3. What does it mean if the coin you are trying to verify has the Cert number, the year, mint and denomination, but the grade is “DELETED” and there are no pictures?
  4. @Revenant Agree! They must be confident about it to broadcast this far in advance.
  5. Wow, so many questions... How will the NGC and ANA registries coexist? Do they need to coexist or will NGC retire theirs? Will NGC rules their change once this happens? It would be reasonable then that PCGS coins are not allowed (for everyone), otherwise there will be two duplicate registries, correct? Will the ANA format be similar to (i.e. copied from) NGCs? It sounded as though that was then plan. ANA wants their first competition in Aug 2021. Is this enough time given the problems the contract developers have had to meet deadlines? Any idea about the reasoning or timing of the decision? Time to speculate!
  6. @CRAWTOMATICi too am curious about your questions. I hope someone can answer them.
  7. Here's a bunch of opinion: Buy the one you like more. CAC has been useful to me buying coins over the Internet when you do not get to see the coin in person. It's a worthy second opinion. Buy the coin, not the plastic, and not the sticker. I think it is reasonable to pay more for a CAC coin due to the submission fee and second opinion. How much more depends. If an AU50 coin sells for $900 and an AU53 for $1000, I would not pay more than half the difference ($950 at most) and that's only if I like the coin anyway.
  8. Sorry Ali, I should not have said NGC did not respond. I meant they had not resolved it yet. I know you are all busy.
  9. Chris, what sets are you referring to that have those scores? NGC gives each coin two scores - a coin score and a type score. Year-mint sets use the coin score, and type sets use the type score, so it matters what set you are referring to. If you are referring to a type set, I believe you are 100% correct! I believe that the brilliant proof wheat cent type score was accidentally allotted the same scores as for the matte proof type, which is way more rare. You can read my argument here. (NGC has not responded yet) If you are referring to a year-mint set, you still may have a point, but I would need to know the set.
  10. errh... you mean Hansen? yeah, now he can dominate at NGC, too... But at least if he does come over here, there is the "NGC best" category, and I believe most of his collection is PCGS, no? So...just extremely dominant, not absolutely dominate perhaps?
  11. @Ali E.Thank you Ali, the results made it appear as though my request was forgotten or disregarded. I do appreciate your help. And Thanks for the feedback, @Fenntucky Mike @RevenantYes, you are correct (and thanks for the lecture ), I have been very grateful ever since - I explained what happened in this thread. It suggests that any option that could be accidentally changed and would have catastrophic repercussions should first have something similar to a confirmation dialog box. I do not think that is much to ask on behalf of everyone that edits their set introduction.
  12. @Revenant ...nothing less! I hope you're right, but I'm not so sure. If it's an IT issue, it's very possible they will not fix it even if they know its the right thing to do. NGC does not seem to be in command of their own least for now.
  13. Any movement here? The longer the wait, I'm afraid NGC is going to be too reluctant to remove the best-in-category awards from the other sets that should have never won in the first place.
  14. Question for an Admin: One of my sets won an award - Best Presented Set, which is pretty awesome! What's strange is that this set also lost to two different sets with lower scores. On the final day, my set had the highest score and consists of only NGC graded coins. See the outcome here: Can this please be corrected?
  15. Your "Competitive Coins" are always "Private". Your "Competitive Sets" are controlled by the "Private" checkbox when you go to your set and click "Edit". Uncheck them to make them public.