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  1. I think he/she's hoping for another rarity.
  2. @Conder101 I think he's saying somebody stamped the D into the coin. "only the middle is raised" If it were a die chip then he'd be saying the whole D is filled.
  3. Not a mint error. It's a spender.
  4. Everything about it appears to be post mint damage to me. I'm not hypothesizing on how, but that's my opinion and input for this topic.
  5. Is it stamped into the coin? Appears so in most of these pics. Which would mean it was added after it left the mint. Usually counterstamps are more creative than this.
  6. It's certainly better than hemming, hawing, and nervous chuckles.
  7. There are still plenty of mint sets from the 80s & 90s available at an affordable price if searching for gem+ zinc cents.
  8. And just for clarity the abbreviation for tripling would be TDO or TDR. There's at least one Jefferson year/mint with a recognizable TDR but I can't recall it offhand. In the 40s I believe. ...but I knew what you meant when I saw DDDR as well.
  9. When I'm cutting up mint sets sometimes the coins are not fit for my collection or for resale. So those I drop into the regular coin jar to be rolled and returned to the bank. A few weekends back I put a roll of each of mint state quarters, nickels, and dimes from the 60s/70s into circulation for the first time in their life. I'm hoping they'll catch the eye of somebody when they get one in change.
  10. The 1916 5c DDO and the 1918/7 5c would kindly like to point out that they possibly could in the top condition in the right auction.
  11. <donning my ignorance cap> Is this possible in the minting process? If I were engineering a press I'd design it so that the obverse die & reverse die had different fittings so they could only go in the approved position.
  12. It's not. One suggestion for coin roll hunting as a beginner, only target the known varieties. Rarely will you discover a new variety with new eyes. But if you dedicate the time to only look for known varieties you'll work the rolls much faster, get to churn through more in less time, start to memorize the known major & minor varieties, and see exponentially more coins to help develop your eye. My general approach to CRH when I used to: 1. Open up websites: NGC VarietyPlus, VarietyVista (Coneca), Lincoln Cent Resource. Over time I'd end up just with NGC VarietyPlus. Reasoning? If it's not a recognized variety for attribution then it's probably too minor to be valuable in circulated condition. 2. Open 4-5 rolls into 1 bowl 3. Separate coins from 1 bowl into 3 additional bowls - pre-1982 (copper), 1982, post-1982 (zinc) 4. Look at coins from one of the bowls only at a time. For instance, post-1982 cents there's a few years & mintmarks you'll target and many you'll toss aside as not worth your time as nothing is documented for those years. I think that's about it. It's honestly been a while since I've done any CRH but you get the point. In the beginning I'd spend way too long looking at every coin in the entire box, throwing it under a microscope, thinking there's something there that's not. Then by the end before I moved on to actual numismatics (it felt like there was a shift for me) I'd churn through 3-4 boxes on a Saturday easily. Pennies were my original preference but that was later replaced by nickels.
  13. Sometimes when I'm in the lake I have a floating D. Still not worth $236,000 unfortunately. Joking aside. Etsy is not accurate and full of shysters. I'm not familiar with a "Floating D" variety or error. Depending on the coins for sell there are multiple options: Facebook marketplace, eBay, GreatCollections, Heritage Auctions, Stacks Bowers Auctions, etc....
  14. Completely agree with you on the different designs. The Yule is a yawn. Recently upgraded my son's storage collection to include an empty Queens Beast Black Bull monster box. $15 from Apmex. He's 9 and really into this British show called "Horrible Histories" that is up on Hulu. Figured since he's always going on and on about William the Conqueror, the Restoration, and other facts about the UK I figured he'll show interest in their coins at some point. For now, he's still hooked on American large cents but hey. New cool box to store them all in, amiright?
  15. Very cool. Thank you for researching and writing that up. Dimes are not a series I'm particularly fond of but die varieties are of great interest to me. Especially those of the reverse. Do you happen to have these coins in registry sets or anywhere else with high definition pictures that we could also see the differences?