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  1. Thanks for the reminder. I need to turn in my paperwork with the Overseer regarding my overtime for last week. There were a few guys down at the coin-o-laundromat who had found a couple of the planchet error quarters and were taking pics. I quickly interjected myself into the conversation with the whole "parking lot" coin ruse and traded them some shiny new quarters for them. It was a close call and I shouldn't have even been there but Gary on the east side of town hadn't had a chance to remove all the silver from the bill changer so I had to fill in. All in a day's work but I'm still getting that OT pay regardless. Anybody know if we're going to discuss the IRS plans for all these strawman accounts we've been creating lately? I think we've got plenty but if we say there's been immigration changes we could probably generate 50k more SSN's a day.
  2. Yeah, if that's the one that says "Mint Damaged" in the title I think I know what you're talking about. Hopefully it wasn't a situation where somebody had all these pocket change coins, many looking dug up, but was waiting on their tax refund to come in hoping for life changing results.
  3. "1975 PCGS XF Detail Attractively Toned Jefferson Nickel" PCGS cert number: 38601634 Set as $70 starting bid with a reserve. A reserve! Description as follows: "Note on the reverse the minting error also with the word "United" Oblitereated - Possibly a minting error." The seller's other items are also chock full of such monster toners it's worth a look. The amount of money involved to slab all of these and pay up for the gold shield and trueview is saddening. Probably even submitted under Mint Error level which hurts as well.
  4. OP = Original Poster (so yeah, referring to your coin) N-6 = Newcomb variety 6 (relative to this year). It's representative of the die pairings. Here's a listing of some of them on NGC's Variety Plus: Full information would be available in a book. I take it that's what Conder is saying. It's not unheard of, third party graders are fallable as well. However, the Variety Plus page shows 5 "Medium Letters" varieties for 1834. I don't know enough on the subject to speak to it.
  5. Same as far as the term. I was going to guess it's a broadstrike.
  6. Same. To be fair, that was 4.5 years ago and the market for minor varieties seems to have softened. Ya never know, though. Like Coinbuf said, it just might take a while for the right buyer to come along. It may be a minor variety but not widely attributed so it could be a good hold item.
  7. Is Sarasota not like the rest of Florida? I never knew so many coin related organizations and dealers lived there.
  8. Not FS as in Full Steps. When you see FS in front of numbers like that (FS-501) it refers to the Fivaz-Stanton catalogue system of varieties. Cherrypicker's Guide and all. It's a low population of 15 certified by NGC. And while it's not the worst of the population it's near it. In my quick search I only found a MS-65 5FS one sold recently. That went for $750 vs a normal 65 5FS in the $25-$40 range. That same ratio wouldn't apply to this one since it's not top end and lacking the eye appeal. But there is interest. Be open to offers but I wouldn't set sights too high. If I were selling it I'd be content with $60 - $80 but happier with $100 (Buy It Now with Best Offer). If you do auction it I'd suggest a floor of what you're willing to part with it. The worst you could do is start bidding @ 99cents and only get a few interested bidders due to timing. I could be low on my estimate but that's partly based on my opinion it wouldn't be an example I'd seek out for my personal collection.
  9. Possibly a crack. The ear appears to have taken a hit, not doubled. No added premium.
  10. Started out slightly misaligned but the edge has been rolled. I would bet that when it was mint state the 3 appeared in full.
  11. I've heard some British rappers refer to pocket change as shrapnel which I thought was pretty clever.
  12. If it were a copper coin or one you'd be concerned with possible toning it may be worth taking the extra precautions during storage until it's reholdered.
  13. Washington in a Guy Fawkes mask would be quite fitting, though.