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  1. Thanks! Obviously, this doesn't sit well with the average colletor :(. We will never know the truth from PCGS, NGC or the Mint. Somehow I feel the collectors will be taken advantage off.
  2. Anyone purchase tis coin preorder? Also, it is worth hanging on to it for awhile? Doesn't seem Platinum in 1997 held any value...or Gold. Unless, someone who's knows the outlook in the future :(. I was told only 15,000 minted, and between the 9 vendors, what is the percentage of MS 70 to 69? Did some math, and both PCGS and NGS has increase MS 70, PR 70 in mass quantity from 2010 to 2017. An the quick entry and exit strategy for silver, gold, platinum seem to benefit the dealers and marketers. To muddy the water the US Mint decided to sale 50,000 minted 2017 on October 5, 2017. Which was sold out in 32 hours, and then they back track the minimum 2 order per user on Friday/Saturday....and now has "Unavailable." I am tired of the hipe, and just want a decent entry into the market. The varieties and "signed" signatures are killing everyone. The planchet was actually shipped in from PAMP? and how will this help the market going forward ? If a foreign company bought out the only US firm in Montana?