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  1. I do not see it added... I tried to add again and I get this message "Your coin does not fit in this slot." This is the set I am trying to add to: Competitive Sets India - British Colony Rupee, George VI, 1938-1947, Circulation Issue, Including Varieties Slot: 1945L S&W 9.34A OPEN 5
  2. Thanks Ali, I am unable to add my coin to the slot... could you please check, thanks! 1945L INDIA - BRITISH COLONIAL RUPEE OPEN 5 NGC MS 63 4619908-008
  3. Hi Ali, Here's a request for slot addition Competitive Sets >> India - British Colony >> Rupee, George VI, 1938-1947, Circulation Issue Slot: 1945L OPEN 5 (S&W 9.34A) Let me know if you need any further information on this. Thanks, Deepak Bansal
  4. Thanks Ali for the quick fix. I will follow up with the grading team on correcting the date to 1929 given the historical evidence. Best, Deepak
  5. Hi Ali, I have a request to update the following set: Category: Afghanistan Set Type: Rupee, 1891-1924, (AH1308-SH1303), Circulation Issue This set should have the following two slots added: AH1347(1929) KM# 897 (Obv: Amir Habibullah within Wreath). My example certified by PCGS (https://www.pcgs.com/cert/37650158). https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces36671.html AH1347(1929) KM# 898. An example of KM# 898 from my collection is NGC# 4739992-001. Also recommend renaming set to: "Rupee (Kabul Mint), 1891-1929 AD, Circulation Issue" I am attaching the reference from the Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 (2014,41st edition, Krause Publications) Page 41 Habibullah Kalakani was the Emir/King of Aghanistan from 17th January to 13th October 1929. He was a rebel leader who converted back to using the Lunar (AH) calendar instead of Solah (SH) and reverted the currency system back to Rupees in 1929. During 1925-1928, the country had moved from "Rupee" to "Afghanis". Currently NGC denotes coins from AH1347 bearing Habibullah's name with 1928AD which is incorrect given his rule was in 1929 only. PCGS is correctly denoting the AH1347 as 1929 in recognition of Habibullah's rule. Another thing I would like to point out is the slot "AH1337 HABIBULLAH WITHIN WREATH" in the set is a wrong entry. As mentioned above, Habibullah never ruled in 1337 and his rule was limited to a few months in 1929... this I believe should be KM#897. The "4" in persian/arabic lettering is very similar to "3" so this is an easy mistake. I hope you will consider this request and run it past your world coin graders as well. I will be happy to provide more information. Many Thanks, Deepak Bansal
  6. Hi Ali, Please see the snapshots below. It says "Not valid for slot" when I tried adding it a few minutes earlier. Regards, Deepak
  7. Hi Ali, this doesnt seem to have been resolved as yet. Can you please check, thanks! Happy Halloween!
  8. Thanks Ali, I see the slot has been added. The applicable coin that I have is not being accepted... I get a message that a coin ID hasnt been assigned. Could you please help me with that as well. Certificate# 4971079-029
  9. Hi Ali, Here is a request for a new slot: Category: India - British Colony Set Type: Rupee, 1835-1840, Circulation Issue, Variety Set Slot: 1840(M) S&W-3.42a TYPE F/3 "W.W.B." - 29 BERRIES Sample NGC coin certificate# 4971079-029 from my collection Thanks, Deepak
  10. Hello, This is a request for a new slot “1945L OPEN 5” to be added in the Rupee, 1862-1947, Circulation Issue, Including Varieties and Rupee, George VI, 1938-1947, Circulation Issue sets within British India. An open 5 variety for the L – Lahore Mint was mistakenly omitted by Stevens & Weir in their catalog (Spink 2012). and Paul Stevens has now included it in his database as S&W-9.34a. You can choose to add it as an “unlisted” variety in the set to conform with the printed S&W catalog. An example of the said coin is: https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/2840951-001/63/ Thanks, Deepak Bansal
  11. The 1936 Rupee looks like a fake to me. There were none struck for circulation