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  1. longstrider

    A Curious Strategy

    EBAY is an alternate world. Our rules, here on earth, don't apply.
  2. "Pieces of art in copper and bronze." That is one of the best descriptions of these tokens that I have read. Both my wife and I have started collecting some modest ones. All we buy are from England. You are correct in that they sell the best..I have seen some other photos of the chest they were stored in. Works of art in beautiful wood.What a collection they would make.. It is sad that the graders here don't seem to understand how they should be graded and their D&H numbers as well as the writing on the edges. The wrong D&H number can mean a fortune. Thanks Mike. I always learn from you.
  3. Thanks for all the updates Mike. I looked it up in my copy of the English book. It's right where you said and the D&H number you stated. Get it right NGC. Facts are facts. just because it's been mis-labeled for years, doesn't mean it can't be corrected now. Good luck on your quest..
  4. Good luck on your future quest. It can take quite a lot for a company to change it's mistakes. Let us know what is happening..
  5. That is quite a glaring mistake. It drives me crazy when they miss identify a coins obverse and reverse. They can't seem to get that right on World Coins. Just once I would like to get a Mexican coin back correct. I will be sending in a 1982 DDO Libertad. I bet it comes back as a DDO.
  6. longstrider

    An Accessible Type Set

    Very nice set. I'm going to check on these. Thanks.
  7. I am like you, disabled and don't get out much. However my wife does. I will be watching for one of these quarters. I don't expect to get one, with such a small number released, but who knows?
  8. That is a wonderful looking coin. I'm very happy for you. One definitely needs patience in this hobby. It certainly paid off for you.
  9. Very well said Mike. Thanks
  10. If you think, Mohawk, that Mikes journal blog is political and anti socialism, maybe you should stay off his journals. What happened to free speech on a COIN blog? I guess my blogs are out too. That's O.K..Nothing personal meant here. Just my opinion. I like Mikes coin blogs.
  11. Sounds like a great time. I've been to one NMS, in Anaheim, a few years ago. Fun. Interesting about the PCGS vs. NGC slabs. Thanks for you work, especially with the kids..
  12. Nice article on your opinion Mike. I don't see this as political. Everybody, please relax. Quit looking for problems. Why is this apolitical article? Change my mind. Debate different ideas with facts. That is what this is about. Thanks. My opinion.
  13. We can never give up Mike. That's a great attitude. I also am disabled and understand what you are taking about. Aggravation! All you need are some empty slabs and the machine that seals them. Then you can do all the work for them instead of just all the research. Well, good luck on getting help and the returns. They should pay for everything..Thanks.
  14. Thanks DarkStarFarm. I can't decide if I should get one or not. I most likely will. I'm weak on this subject.
  15. You clearly are showing your love of the hobby and your tokens. It is nice to read that you pay the price and it isn't cheap just for protections sake. I will agree with you. It is amazing the copper is in such great shape. Thanks for sharing with us Mike.