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  1. amarillo1

    Franklin variety

    Hi Mike, so the used proof dies were used to mint the 1958 and 1959, mint state coin, these dies make some nice looking coin. Thanks don
  2. amarillo1


    Hi, there has been adjustments the my last submission, the #4925111, coins #008, 009, 013. Could you please tell me why these coins were moved from modern to the economy trie. The coin three coin that were moved are all Franklin's, why not were the rest of the the Franklin's not moved, thay are Ten franklin on this submission. Thank you for your help. Don
  3. amarillo1

    Franklin variety

    Thanks, automatic for answering me question, 1958 and 1959, also has have franklin that marked with proof dies but are mint state, there some nice looking coin. Thanks don
  4. amarillo1

    Franklin variety

    Hi, I started to collect franklin half for a couple of month. I have a type 1, 1956 in mint state, my question is being in mint state would this be class as a franklin variety or not. Thanks don
  5. amarillo1

    Submission entry

    Hi, repentant, yes thank you for your help. I sent my note to ngc I hope this well help, will fine out tomorrow. Again thank you don
  6. amarillo1

    Submission entry

    Hi, I was checking the submission entry to see if you received them but it told me that were no submission in the last three months. The submission number is 4925111-001 thru 015. If you could check on this for me to see if you received these coins. Thanks don
  7. Good afternoon ali, thank you for correcting this mistake. You have a great afternoon. Don
  8. Good morning, When I buy coin on ebay I always check them by going to the NGC site to verify the certification numbers, to see if the numbers on the coins check out. The coin that I bought is a 2017D, Jefferson nickel, this is a MS66, 6FS PL. The number on this coin is 2723658-014. I enter this in my competitive set and this coin was rejected saying that this was not Jefferson but is was a Sacagawea 2017. Recheck my Jefferson and it came back with the same thing that it did the first time that it was a Jefferson 2017D and not a Sacagawea. If you would recheck this the way I did on the verify certification number the number is 2723658-014, you will see that this number is correct. There must be some thing wrong. Thank you Don (AMARILLO1).
  9. amarillo1

    Pop list

    , hi Rmw, thanks for answering my pop list question, it was a big help. I wish that would left it like it was. I guess being old is know help for me, it hard for me to fine things now. Thanks. Don (O) have a great day!!!
  10. amarillo1

    Pop list

    Hi RMW, thanks for answering my pop list question this was a bid help. I wish they would left it like it was, being old it's hard for me to fine thinks now. Thanks again. Don
  11. amarillo1

    Pop list

    Hi, can any please help me to fine the pop list. Since that change this I can not fine any thing, I only hope that I can fine your Nasser. Thanks don
  12. That is a great looking 1829. CVC Germary 24BMG a greatly MS 66 grade also nice. Don
  13. amarillo1

    Christmas time

    Wishing all I like to at this time wish you all a very marry Christmas and a vary happy New years, from my family to your. Marry christmas. Don and Pat To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  14. amarillo1


    I have thirteen presidential coin. I have a total of thirteen presidential coins, and thay took 6,536, point from me. That can not be right, there is no way with thirteen coins that I could not loose that many points. There some MS-67 and MS-68's. I ask Dana to recheck this out, there must be a mistake some ware, hopefully that well return some point I hope. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  15. amarillo1

    Missing coins

    Taps Hi, on one of my competitive set's there are some coins missing. I wrote ask NGC about this error to see if they could correct this error to the correct number of coins. The answer I received was thanks for bringing this error to our attention, I am working on getting this corrected. It's been about two weeks and still not corrected. For a second time I ask NGC to correct this error, but I did not receive a answer this time. The error is still a error. I guess this error will never be corrected and My competitive set will be short the rest of it life. NGC answer to missing coins is taps. Don To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.