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  1. My condolences to you and your family...
  2. Jack Robinson11

    NGC TOO?

    Thanks Six Mile Rick.... As always, you have giving out some great advice and suggestions over the years and I will get back with you when I get into gold purchases.... I hope you have a fun filled weekend with many adventures. Bye for now, Jack
  3. Jack Robinson11

    NGC TOO?

    Hello Six mile Rick..... I been busy the past three years using my extra $$$ on purchasing a few new cars.... Now, since two are paid off, I am returning to purchasing coins... By June 2019, planning on switching to gold. Just unsure to buy bullion or, old coinage.... Research still on going...
  4. Jack Robinson11

    NGC TOO?

    Only as an observation..... I read the most recent posts pertaining to Mr. Carr and explored EBAY for examples. People are selling graded examples of his work... some, however, skirt the wording and I can see how someone who was not knowledgeable on coin collecting, would purchase the "coins/tokens" as real coins. In regards to the two images within this post, I notice the NGC ID# is not on either label. Does this mean anyone could produce a "coin/token" through a "private mint" and get it certified? I am a very novice coin collector and picky as to what I purchase. Through these posts, I have learned to research, research and do more research before purchasing. I read all of the recent posts on Mr. Carr's contribution, with interest..... Best wishes, Jack GySgt., U.S.Marine Corps, Retired
  5. Saying prayers for you and your family....
  6. Hello, Sounds like you have a exciting task for you throughout 2019, and beyond. In essence, if I read your post correctly, you desire a documented trace of a coin. A sort of genealogy of a particular coin. Sounds great. Here is my two cents---sorry about that--- the initial newly purchased raw coin pre-history, no matter what it is, will be based solely on your input. With no documented proof. You purchased a raw coin from "Ralph" who stated it was from "King Bert" in 1501--in December." Your documentation starts there and, if that is the case, your documents will always be challenged. As of your input forward at least you, your family and sadly at times, the new buyer, will have the knowledge that you put down onto paper and in images. I am not a detailed or, even a knowledgeable coin collector. I buy NGC certified coins off of various Internet sites that strike my fancy. My raw coins come from local small-town sellers. In genealogy, however, I am nationally and even or so lightly, known internationally for my work. My findings are based on my work but, my initial findings start with my personal interpretation. As will you. I wish you well in your newest adventure but, the initial input will be your most challenging aspect of your goal. A goal that is extremely important. As with counterfeit coins of today, be alert for counterfeit coin validation documents. If my post does not make sense, write it off as an ol' U.S. Marine, who has not had his first cup of coffee yet... Jack GySgt., U.S. Marine Corps, retired
  7. Really nice piece of history..... Only to point out a typo.... check the date that you mention as to when Dupre was appointed as an engraver.... I look forward finding out the meaning of the Roster.... Best wishes
  8. Jack Robinson11

    Turn around times

    Hi, I had two submission received 22 March 2017.... One in mail back to me today.. (four 69s ; two 68s)..... Second submission should be returning in mail tomorrow... again, hoping, for similar grades as first submission. Update. . . My second submission, 1984 S PR, were finalized 29 March. Ending results were four 69 UC; 01 68UC ( my 1C) and finally 01 not genuine. The "not genuine" coin was my 1875 T$, one of four that I picked up.... Just think if they were real :-)