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  1. Stamp says teller 2 just never seen one like it wondering if anyone knows anything about it?
  2. From what I am seeing it looks like it may be slightly rotated with strike doubling giving it the awkward look it just seems odd that there would be a die/cud chip or crack right in that spot I feel like I would have seen one like it before if that was the case but maybe ur right or it's a forgery, cuz it def. Doesnt have the exact appearance of the ngc stock photos although it carry's all the correct die markers that I could find
  3. What do you think all of you Numismatics with 30 years more experience than me. Just got this out of a pawn shop in omaha, NE. 42/1 or something else?
  4. 1937 lincoln cent hiding in my collection, looks like it might have been struck in AU. Cant really tell much from the front but check the back I wonder if it's worth anything. Or what I should do if it is.
  5. Bought this morgan dollar cuz it is so strange and the closer I look at it the more confused I become it looks as if molten metal was poured on the revers but then possibly looks like a capped die or some kind of brokage.... need help
  6. i found this 2009 washington quarter about 4 or 5 years ago and have a serious issue with it and i was wondering if anyone would have the same issue. I dont remember the exact weight of the quarter as it is now slabbed in a pcgs holder and was sent in as a possible variety when i knew almost nothing about coins. This quarter shows absolutely no copper around the edge it looks as if it is a silver quarter but i do remember that it didnt weigh out as such i believe it was lighter. It got a ms 65 grade from pcgs but was wondering if you guys think i should send it in as a mint error or possible e
  7. well i tried to take a wide range of photos from different light sources i def. dont have professional photography equipment. But the cell phone cameras these days work great as long as u got a steady hand and some sunlight. Anyways there was a article about error 2014 Brittainias because they had two different coins one is the year of the horse coin and the typical brittainia design but the obverses were a little bit different and the royal mint said they had mixed up the obverse dies im sure because they were so similar and i really wanna find out if this is one of the mixed up dies i think