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  1. I had the same problem yesterday also,but looks like they are up and running again
  2. Thanks for the welcome,and i have been out of of the hobby as far as buying them and wow a lot of things have changed in the hobby,i have noticed there a lot more so called not your honest coin dealers out now with the digital and technology age,and have encountered a few already and caught it before i was taken for a ride. The Trade dollar and this 1837 Quarter that i just got are going to be submitted to NGC, I have a few am waiting on in the grading stage now. I will let you know how they grade out .This NGC site is filled with information just got to know where to go to find it.This looks
  3. Well since i am retired now and wanted to get back into collecting after raising 3 children and can now spend money on myself,I went full throttle to try and catch up over the lost years i i been out of the hobby.. here's just a few
  4. Hello am new to the forum and i was wondering when i submit a coin to be graded and i under estimate the value of the coin, what happens? Does the grading stop and the coin sent back? MS 64 is 5,250 MS 65 jumps to 11,850 and this is a Proof