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  1. Believe me (and check my original post on this particular subject) I don't have a problem with people sending stuff to CAC. In fact, if you get a bean it's my opinion that within 2 years max, you'll have the only coins salable at any price approaching reasonable. Yes, I'm that concerned. In fact, if you do go back to that post on Page 3, you'll see that NOW ......I ..only... purchase CAC coins. (they gotta be purdy though) I will never again send one in. I've had 1 out of maybe 10 "make it" And they were ALL scrutinized by a very well known website dealer and a former PCGS grader. (as well as by me with 40 years in the bizz) However....they failed. And are SOLD! BUT..... if you have graded but UNAPPROVED coins....then I suggest getting them either approved or out of your ownership. And that's all. Personal practice only.
  2. What happens then is you won't get a sight unseen offer. And then you have to shoot yourself I guess. Or maybe that's what you have to do if you have an UN-beaned coin.
  3. I've seen and understand all that the CAC website states. They do NOT infer that the GRADE is ....WRONG. So all the differential in ...pricing... is just from the jillion and ten buyers who may THINK that they disagree with the ...grade. And.... make purchase decisions on what they "think." Me? No thanks. I'll go with the trend and if need be, the practical implication of it. I ....started... re-thinking... a few years ago when Legend (or Laura) stated that they would no longer be dealing in non CAC approved coins. Legend is without a doubt.... INFLUENTIAL .... in the coin community. I try to stay ahead of the train.
  4. I think we should try to accommodate the current morass and do everything WE can to avoid any damage. And "damage" is what I think we are seeing. Our chief responsibility is to OUR collections. I think it can be done if we are the least bit intelligent and diligent in our efforts.
  5. Late to the debate but have to register MY ..opinion. My OPINION only. I consider it to be one of the worst innovations in the "hobby." I agree completely and wholeheartedly with those saying how brilliant the BUSINESS PLAN is/was. Pure genius in fact. In my OPINION, we have conferred on one man (who does no grading) the power to decide just how GOOD the grade is. If it's in the top 2/3 of the grade per...his...opinion, then approval is granted. If not, well then the coin will have... and in reality already HAS HAD.... an inferred negative inference as to its MARKET PRICE. I just sold an 1848-CAL quarter eagle that had such NICE color that it brought a record price "for its grade" ....but.... I can't even count the number of queries I got asking it it had been "approved." So that tells ME that whether or not it has been "blessed" affects ...desirability.... to BUYERS. Rightly or wrongly, that's an observable fact. I base this on another observation that NEW collectors and "the public" in general want, desire, hope for, accept and NEED .....advice ... in order to make decisions. It's not something that ...I...want to deal with. You may be the best "unofficial" grader on earth. You may have more time in the arena than most collectors. But YOUR opinion will remain only YOURS without an "outside" approval. So MY ....actual program has persuaded me to SELL almost every coin I have that is NOT APPROVED! Silly? Maybe. But it's what I did. My PRESENT practice is to buy whenever possible a coin ALREADY APPROVED and remove at least one possible hoop for it to jump through if I decide to no longer own it. I also have a STRINGENT requirement that the approved piece being considered is also EYE APPEALING TO ME !!! So, the approval alone won't dictate whether I buy a coin or not. My ...advice... (if even solicited) is to give yourself the least grief possible in pursuit of an enjoyable "hobby" and thus keep it a valued activity. I don't consider approval to be so important in the arena of GOLD coins. As a former dealer I can vividly recall the competition to buy GOLD coins whenever and wherever because they ARE LIQUID.. Gold sells. Day in, day sells easily. To a WIDE base of buyers. But NON gold coins appeal to a more specialized and PERSONAL ...hobbyist. And there is where "approval" becomes a necessity to them. I base this OPINION as I have written it on personally observed TRENDS and as in the stock market (which coins definitely are NOT) fighting a "trend" is a discouraged practice by every financial person I know. Pan this post or applaud it; it matters not to me. It's MY OBSERVATIONS that have formed MY actions. Having fun with your coins should be your ultimate objective. In MY opinion.
  6. I agree. I've just started appreciating them (against the trend ) and it's damn FUN! I can get 10 coins for what I might spend ordinarily for ONE! etc. etc, etc.
  7. Nope. I did find my password but have no idea what my email was when I first joined. Aaaagghh.... Oh well, lemme post another coin of same year just to make up for the errors. (mine) XF45 CAC
  8. Not my first post. Somehow I lost my password and wasn't able to retrieve when the board updated. I used to be Count Erfit. Uh oh.... .I think I found it. Let me try again.