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  1. I originally intended (for no reason) to feature US coins. When I delve into my foreign, there ARE some really low numbers. 1679 Brunswick-Luneberg 2/3 Thaler Can find 2 in auction results. Both from 2008, Going even more obscure.... 1792 France 2 Sol NGC pop indicates 2 in all grades. ?
  2. 1802 Quarter Eagle 3,045 minted. 1796 Quarter 6,146 minted. 1899 Half Eagle Proof 99 struck.
  3. I goofed. I've had the Washington cent since 2018.
  4. In short, when it was in a Capital proof set thingy, I enjoyed the hell out of it! It was in that from 1955 until I slabbed them a few years ago. Now, it's like juggling a dinner plate. Not quite, but sure clumsy feeling. If the multi holders were smaller, I think I would like it.
  5. No bezels for keychains either, I suppose.
  6. I had my 1940 proof set slabbed in an NGC multi holder. BUT.... ever since doing that, I ...NEVER.... look at it. When it was in the Capital plastic (where it had been since 1955) I looked at it all the time.I am gonna do the dumb thing.Crack out and find a Capital proof set holder and go back in time.
  7. I am pleasantly stunned. "LOUPE" is being spelled correctly. I better check the calendar. I don't ....think... this is the END DAYS !!!
  8. As the technology simplifies, the population increases and they have no real work to do. Dunno how that's gonna play out.
  9. What's it gonna be like? Full on cluster fudge? Tables full of stale coins? Collectors racing around the floor in hopes of finding SOMETHING that isn't on eBay? Uncertainty if masks will be mandated? Gonna be interesting for sure....
  10. It can be a chore to track it down. City and name are .....helpful.... but usually the seller is using a username on eBay.