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  1. I confess to being very unhappy about this decision - I see that some are apparently happy, but I have just spent 3 years selling my PCGS coins and crossing over PCGS coins where NGC populations are very thin. As I write this I am waiting such a submission to be delivered and it did well. I understand why taking either/or made sense when the industry was shaking out but now there are two. Both claim being the market leader and each claims to have certified tens of millions of coins; but PCGS seems to gather more kudos and references in the relevant media. But all that aside, having undergo
  2. I am a Lincoln cent (and other things) collector. My bias is to avoid the mints quality problems. We all know the story of the 1922 no D and the splash of the 1955 DDO but the reality is they were not business strikes - no matter how the marketing hype of the time has positioned them. And after 1995 it only gets worse. I have no objection to collection including varieties, but I think NGC has a responsibility to create a competitive set that does not incorporate the mint's quality problems - no matter the "tradition" and the hype. So when we have a set called "Complete Lincolns" (or anyth
  3. Hi! My name is Mike and I am currently chasing Lincoln Cents - I suppose I will chase some other things as time goes on - have done so in the past. I have been keeping notes I call Ruminations and I will try sharing them here! Bluegrass was our first dog when we were married in 1994 - he was part of the package! But we live in Kentucky so what can I say. My collections are all named in a way that includes Bluegrass. Mike