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    Show us your GSA's

    Very nice Jack.
  2. He was selling raw coins in the middle to late 70's. I have no idea when he came up with the slab. What few coins I purchased from him were raw.
  3. ArtR1

    Back into the hobby

    The important thing in your statement. ( I just for some reason just really like the look of it.) That is all that counts.
  4. ArtR1

    Back into the hobby

    I agree with MarkFeld also. Shop around you can do better.
  5. ArtR1

    Post a blue coin

    A lot of very neat coins in this thread.
  6. ArtR1


    Regardless of the grade or holder Walkers with that kind of eye appeal don't show up very often.
  7. ArtR1

    Frosty II

    Jack, that is one great looking Dolar