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  1. Received the email and submitted through the process. Thanks again!
  2. Hey Ali. I see the slot has been added to the set, but it still will not allow me to add the coin. Also, I am curious as to how this coin was deemed to be a commemorative? Per the RCM, this is the first of a series, much like the maples. As the years pass and more coins are released, is it possible these coins will branch off into their own set? Thanks.
  3. Looking to add the Canadian Peace Dollar to a set. I am not exactly sure where it should go or if a new set should be created. Example number is 5766098-008 Thanks
  4. Extremely rude. Perhaps you could do the same? The board has gotten along just fine without you feeling the need to police it.
  5. The coin has been posted across multiple forums. It is definitely a fake.
  6. In my opinion, it is not worth buying a lot of them. The only reason the 2017 has such a high premium is because it is the first time the proof eagle has had the "S" mint mark, and because of the limited number available. I think it was 75k of the Congratulations sets and 50k of the Limited Edition proof sets. I have no idea why the 2018 would be selling at any sort of premium.
  7. BU's do not have a mint mark unless it is burnished, in which case it will have a "W" mint mark. As for the proofs, the only proofs with the "S" mint mark from 2017 came in either the Congratulations Set or the Limited Edition Silver proof set. Regular proofs from 2017 should have the "W" mint mark.
  8. And I am just saying be patient. They are registered. They will get there lol.
  9. If the post office has it how in the world is this the fault of NGC? Registered mail can take forever to get there. I have had registered mail show up two weeks after the "expected" date. Patience.
  10. Just purchased off ebay, so I do not have it in have yet. Should be here Friday. Pop 7, none higher.
  11. Another quick question. Will the "Reports" function be available on the new site? For example to inventory report. Or is it already there and I am just missing it? Thanks.
  12. When you go into your set, click the pencil in the right hand corner and select "Add NGC Images".
  13. This year for me was more about learning what I wanted to collect instead of just purchasing coins willy nilly. I sold a lot of my modern coins (almost all of them in fact) and I have decided to mainly concentrate on graded Morgans, peace dollars and mercury dimes and Kennedy halves for American coinage. And I have recently been turned on to the beauty of the early 20th century Italian coins, which fits in nicely with my heritage. For 2019 my goal is to continue the quest for graded morgans. I have a complete set of raw peace dollars, and just need the 1916D for the raw mercs, although the 16D will be slabbed. As are the 1921 and 1921D. And have 28 of the Kennedy halves yet to go to complete that set. The Kennedy halves are great when you don't have the extra $$ lying around for a slabbed coin but you need your USPS fix. And of course to keep collecting the Italian coins.
  14. I am having the same issue. Particularly with Kennedy halves.
  15. They were not minted in Carson City in 1895.
  16. Absolutely love the new look of the registry sets. Two quick questions/observations: 1. There is a link on the beta page to view the old version. Are there any plans to put a link to the beta version on the old style page? 2. There used to be a ranking of your overall rank. Where your points ranked you overall. Is that gone in the new layout? It took some snooping around to find overall rankings by set type, but I still have not found just the overall NGC rankings. Otherwise it looks great. I really like it.
  17. Yes, I realize that. However: 1. The coin above is a 2008 coin. 2. The coin above is NOT burnished. We know this because of a lack of a mint mark. 3. The reverse is not a 2008 reverse. It is a 2007 reverse. Look at the U. Here is the 2007 and 2008 reverses. How can the above coin be a 2008 with a reverse of 2007? It is either a business strike with the 2007 reverse, or it is missing a mint mark. Or am I missing something? First photo is a 2007 reverse, second is a 2008.
  18. @LISA B, I think what he is saying is that this coin appears to be a 2008 reverse of 2007, but it does not have the W mint mark that a burnished coin should have. Aren't all 2008 reverse of 2007 burnished, therefore needing the mint mark? The "U" in United definitely appears to be 2007.
  19. I believe there is a freeze on right now for adding coins to your registry set. It happens every year at this time while NGC issues their awards. The freeze will be lifted today at 10:00am EST.
  20. Didn't Stan Lee like literally just pass away in the last month? Or is there a different creator of Spiderman?
  21. I am thinking of sending the coin below in for grading. However, I am wondering if I should (1) try to remove the fingerprint using acetone, and (2) if I were to just leave the fingerprint, how adversely does it affect the grade? Would it even be worth sending in?