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  1. I think maybe he is trying to download the pictures (that he paid for) from the NGC website to assist in the selling of his coins.
  2. Unfortunately incorrect. The seller states in their ad, in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS even, that they absolutely do not offer refunds for any reason. OP was able to get his refund due to the Mercari guarantee. And now, even knowing it is a fake, the same seller has it back for sale. As genuine. Criminal in my book.
  3. It was more a statement on staffing levels, not whether the mail crew could contribute to the board.
  4. Once it's in the system I 100% agree. I've had a submittal at PCGS stuck in encapsulation for 12 days now.
  5. They are at least 10 days behind just opening mail of incoming submissions. I hardly think posting on this forum is high on their "to-do" list lol.
  6. I don't know. I think it's things like this that get the younger collectors interested. When I didn't know the first thing about collecting, I was all about MS69 and PF69 silver eagles. I had to have every slab that NGC deemed fit to put out there. It got me interested. But as I started researching more and reading more, I realized what an egregious mistake I had made chasing labels instead of coins. That being said, my interest in collecting was stoked. Now I collect what some here may deem "more appropriate" coins, ie peace dollars, mercury dimes, etc. I darn near had a full set of Italian 1 lire coins, which is a far cry from MS69 eagles. So I say if it gets younger folks more interested in the hobby, then more power to them. And to be frank, some of the stuff these mints put out under the guise of coins I regard more as works of art. I mean, the knight coin posted above is beautiful in an artful way, if not a numismatic way.
  7. You don't get to create your own label. Although it might be fun, imagine the turnaround times and cost! Here is a link that explains NGC special labels: Special Labels
  8. You need to be a member of NGC or the ANA to directly submit coins to NGC grading. Because your coin is in an ANACS slab, it will be cracked out of the slab and treated as a raw submission for grading. Your coin could potentially grade the same as the ANACS grade, but it could also grade higher or lower. As for cost, it will depend on the coin. Here is a complete list of costs. Please keep in mind, this does not include shipping the coin back to you, which depending on the value of the coin, will be around $30. NGC returns almost all coins as registered mail. NGC Price List
  9. What makes you think there will be an issue? The Uncirculated set does not even issue until November 30th.
  10. There are a couple on ebay with the Ad Astera verbage. One is priced quite a bit higher, but the guy posting it is a strange dude I have personally dealt with before. One sold on the 23rd of this month for around $20 as well. Give it the old ice cube test and see what happens lol.
  11. The fact that he posted his cowardly so-called "gotcha" and hasn't been seen since tells me everything I need to know about his character.
  12. Thanks Lisa. I went ahead and just did the printable pdf, but will definitely remember this for next time.
  13. Disregard. I see that you need to use the printable pdf form, not the online submission form.
  14. Disregard. I found it I believe. There is no online form, you have to print off the fillable pdf.
  15. Can anyone point me to the form I need to use to re-holder a coin (cracked slab). I thought it would be on the submission page, but I don't see it anywhere. Thanks.
  16. I have a cracked holder that I need replaced. It is one of the thicker slabs, for a Canadian peace dollar. Where is the form for this? Is it under the coin submission tab?> I can't find anything on that tab that says anything about a re-holder. Thanks.
  17. Hi Alison. Looking for a set/slot for the following coin: 4870038-019 British Virgin Islands 2oz Silver Pegasus "2/1" Ounce MS70 Thanks! Matt
  18. Looks like it's an issue with your phone. I just tried it on my phone and had no issues.