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  1. You don't contact @DWLange. He contacts you.
  2. Thanks Mike. Wow. Absolutely stunning set QA. I would definitely leave the collection in the slabs they are in.
  3. And yet I have tried to cross over, and only 1 of 4 would cross at the same or higher grade, so YMMV. QA, can you provide a link to your registry set? Or anyone? Not sure where to look for it. All I know is it's French, gold, and something about chickens.
  4. want NGC to be busting into the PCGS servers to determine if you're PCGS coin is top pop??
  5. If you're insulted then get off the internet. Quit being cheap, looking for answers for free, on the internet. Pay to have them appraised. If you don't like what Bob says, go somewhere else. Your sense of entitlement and pomposity is staggering.
  6. You have a better chance of figuring out how FICO comes up with your credit score.
  7. Your coin is a business strike. Today's release was a proof. Unless I am missing something you are trying to say?
  8. This is the part I don't understand. It doesn't count your points for that coin unless its in a competitive set?
  9. I understand the concept of it, just literally have never seen it done anywhere else. But thanks for the explanation! As I said, in the grand scheme of things, it's not an issue. Y'all are going to be busy with @BlakeEik list anyways
  10. Sorry, not sure why I cant delete the last jpeg. Duplicate posting of it.
  11. The set I circled below is not in second place. All 5 of the number 1 sets above him are ahead of him. Whereas the circled set is listed as the second best set, (#2) it is really 6th best. It should be listed as #6, not #2. Below the first picture I have included one from PCGS. There are 16 people tied for the number one set in this particular category. Hence, they all have a number 1 next to their name. However, unlike your example, the next set is not listed as #2. It is listed as #17. Like I said, not a big deal, but this is the only place I have ever seen it listed like this.
  12. I think you misunderstand me. I agree with keeping the tied collectors at the same rank. Same points should equal same rank. What I am referring to is the collectors that come after that. Collector #1 has 1000 points Collector #2 has 750 points Collector #3 has 500 points Collector #4 has 500 points Collector #5 has 500 points Collector #6 has 250 points. Right now, the ranking is as follows: 1. Collector #1 2. Collector #2 3. Collector #3 3. Collector #4 3. Collector #5 4. Collector #6 When, in fact: 1. Collector #1 2. Collector #2 3. Collector #3 3. Collector #4 3. Collector #5 6. Collector #6 Collector #6 does not have the 4th ranked set. They have the 6th ranked set. In fact, NGC is literally the only place I have seen ranking done in this matter.
  13. I'm friends with Indra. His collection is unreal. Plus he has connections overseas and can get a lot of coins not available here in the U.S.
  14. Not a big deal, but I have always wondered about the numbering when ranking sets. Say you have someone if first place, someone in second place, and then say 3 people are tied for third place. After that, currently it shows the next set as #4, when in reality it is #6 due to the tie for third place. Like I said, not a big deal. More curious than anything.
  15. Now wait just a minute. How are we to believe anything you say, when just a few days ago you said you were leaving, yet here you are? Im Outta Here!!