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  1. It would drive me nuts that the center coin is facing the opposite direction from the others lol.
  2. *you're Also, if you like to do your own research, rather than taking to heart what people here are telling you, then why did you even solicit opinions here in the first place?
  3. You know, if you would have just submitted the coin back when you started this thread, it might have already been on it's way back to you. Bu we all know you won't submit it, even if you say you will. I wish you actually realized who some of the folks are that you are arguing with lol. The fact that you don't tells us all quite a bit about your numismatic experience.
  4. Well I know for a fact they will grade medals, at least modern ones. Not sure if there is a definitive list anywhere. @LISA B or @Ali E.?
  5. Perceive as doubling? Where is that mentioned?
  6. For the record here, the cert number is 4874328-061. Thanks again Lisa.
  7. Hello. I have a medal in one of the NGC fat holders that looks like it is about to fall out of the holder. Please take a look. When looking at it from the side, the top of the medal is at 11:00 and the bottom is at 5:00. I realize the medal is most likely safe, but being that this is a PF70, and only 3,000 were even minted, I do not want to take any chances. How do I go about getting NGC to repair/straighten this coin in the holder? I mean, it's barely been in there a year, and it has been in storage ever since I got it.
  8. How is that possible? You made your comment 3 hours before Big Nub made his. You even quoted the other statement in your reply. And if you're talking about your second statement being direct to Bug Nub, would still like to know how the first statment was a "cold shot".
  9. Nice! The 16 year old thread has some legs left on it!
  10. As the above folks have mentioned, a picture would help immeasurably. Short of that, if you truly believe it is a 7 figure coin, and wish to have it graded/verified as genuine, I suggest getting on a plane with it and flying to Florida to hand deliver it to NGC for grading. However, as @Coinbuf said, we have seen numerous "life altering" coins on this board and others, and only once have I seen one actually be the real deal. And that was "only" a $20k coin. But of course, in that instance, many members of those boards agreed that the coin looked genuine and was worth the expense of having it graded/verified.
  11. How in the world do you know that's what they were doing? Did they tell you that? And with the coin shortage going on, I am surprised you were given even 2 rolls of quarters.
  12. The first year for the Washington quarter was 1932. Post a photo of the PCGS labels you have, or whatever the numbers are on that you tried to enter.
  13. There is also a huge difference because if you crack the 1893S out of the slab, that's what you still have. A 1893S morgan. However, if you crack the 2012w eagle form the LE set out of the slab, it is literally no different than any of the other 2012 proofs. Also, the 50,129 is not the mintage for the 2012W proof.. It is the number of limited edition sets they sold. The actual total mintage for the 2012w proof is 877,731.