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  1. American Silver Eagle Sets

    Several sets for sale: 1986-2017 NGC MS69 (32 coins) $1100 1986-2017 NGC PF69 (31 coins) $1800 2006-2017 NGC MS69 Burnished (10 coins) $450 All are complete graded sets. Paypal G&S with invoice. Shipping is $30 each for the first two sets, $20 for the burnished set. If you buy all 3, shipping is $50. Shipping will be registered mail, signature required. Each set will come in NGC plastic storage boxes.
  2. The Cloud Appreciation Society has 43,500 members.

    Well, to be honest, all that is needed to get the most of a membership to the Cloud Appreciation Society is the ability to tilt ones head back and point skyward.
  3. Millennium Set Silver Eagles

    Worth more than that. 1996 is a key date for eagles.
  4. Millennium Set Silver Eagles

    It's there.
  5. 2017 Congratulations Set - Who's In?

    There is only one online dealer with a large position on these, and that's Modern Coin Mart.
  6. How accurate can the population numbers be ?

    So you offer a $0.50 credit to send a label in, but it costs $0.49 for a stamp? So you would net $0.01? Unless you are sending in 10+ labls at a time, not much of an incentive there. Maybe come up with a way to do it electronically?
  7. 2017 MS 70 Palladium Coin

    Limited Edition Silver Proof was 50k, not 75k. Congratulations set was 75k.
  8. 2017 Congratulations Set - Who's In?

    It is the second lowest proof, third if you want to count the 2011 Reverse Proof that was only part of the anniversary set: (1995-W Proof) 30,125 (2011-P Reverse Proof ) 99,882 (2017-S Proof) 125,000
  9. Gold Electroplate Certified Kenney Half Dollars

    What you just described will work just fine.
  10. Gold Electroplate Certified Kenney Half Dollars

    I think a photo would help immensely.
  11. Gold Electroplate Certified Kenney Half Dollars

    What do you mean certified?
  12. Where to Buy?

    Thanks. Yea, I looked all over, to no avail. Went ahead and bought a couple from NGC.
  13. Michael Easterly

    If they have the W mint mark, they are burnished (unless, of course, it is a proof). Obviously these are struck at West Point, so there is no need to say that on the slab label. The slabs that say Struck at West Point are labeled like that because the grading company got sealed monster boxes of the eagles. They can supposedly tell where (what mint) the monster box originated by the numbers on the straps sealing the monster box. If the label says Struck at West Point, or Struck at San Francisco, or even Struck at Philadelphia, it will not have a mint mark.
  14. Where to Buy?

    Sorry if this doesn't belong here, I was not sure where else to post. Does anyone know where you can buy the oversize slab holder like shown below? NGC has them for $15, but they seriously want $20 to ship it. The one I am looking for is for the 13mm thick slabs. Thanks.
  15. Need a new slot added? Request a new slot here!

    I need a slot for this coin please. I emailed yesterday, but the wording on the actual label is different than what I emailed. I have no idea what set this is going under, or if it will merit it's own set. S$2 2018 Disney - Year of the Dog Colorized-First Releases 4599636-020 Thank you.