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  1. 2017 S Silver Eagle Proof slot

    When somebody sends in a 2017 S proof for grading, and it is not sealed in the original mint packaging, i.e. either the Congratulations set or the Limited Edition Silver proof set, it will not get either of the designations you mention. It will just be a Silver eagle proof with the S mint mark. Of course, take the others out of their holders and you have the exact same thing.
  2. 2017 S ASE

    I realize that. But you said "break up the set". So I assumed you meant the LE set.
  3. Love filling a new hole in my Dansco.

    As opposed to last year's? Or any of the preceding 30 years? Just messing with ya.
  4. 2017 S ASE

    Could have been from the congratulations set. Which is just the single proof.
  5. 2017 S ASE

    This. This is the only reason that the coin has that designation, of not coming from the Congratulations set or the Limited Edition set. It is the exact reason I sold all my eagles and quit collecting them. NGC would create slots simply based on their labels and not the uniqueness of the coin. So to fill all of the slots, you literally have to purchase the same coin 3 times. Such is the case with this coin. All 3 are S proofs, yet because NGC decides to issue 3 different labels, it has 3 different slots. Same goes for the regular mint strikes each year. The regular mint strike, but then you have struck at West Point label or struck at San Francisco label. It's a joke.
  6. Best in Category

    So is it possible to win both awards for the same collection? I won for Best in Category, but I do not see anything for NGC Best in Category, even though every coin in the set is NGC?
  7. Question Regarding NGC Scoring

    Let me preface this by saying I did ask NGC, but their answer left me still confused. And quite honestly, this may be more of a vent than an actual question, because I am not sure anyone can really answer it. I simply do not understand how NGC assigns point values to the coins they grade. For example: All 3 of these coins are from the same set, the 2017 $2 Niue Proof set. Coin A has a mintage of 10,000. Of those 10,000, 75 of them received a grade of PF70. NGC assigned it a point value of 500 points. Coin B has a mintage of 10,000. Of those 10,000, 7 of them received a grade of PF70. NGC assigned it a point value of 392 points. Coin C has a mintage of 1,000. Yes, 1,000. Of those 1,000, 4 of them received a grade of PF70. NGC assigned it a point value of 448 points. I just don't understand. They are all from the same set. They are all $2 proofs. Yet the coin with a known population of 10x the other coins outscores it.
  8. American Silver Eagle Sets

    Several sets for sale: 1986-2017 NGC MS69 (32 coins) $1100 1986-2017 NGC PF69 (31 coins) $1800 2006-2017 NGC MS69 Burnished (10 coins) $450 All are complete graded sets. Paypal G&S with invoice. Shipping is $30 each for the first two sets, $20 for the burnished set. If you buy all 3, shipping is $50. Shipping will be registered mail, signature required. Each set will come in NGC plastic storage boxes.
  9. The Cloud Appreciation Society has 43,500 members.

    Well, to be honest, all that is needed to get the most of a membership to the Cloud Appreciation Society is the ability to tilt ones head back and point skyward.
  10. Millennium Set Silver Eagles

    Worth more than that. 1996 is a key date for eagles.
  11. Millennium Set Silver Eagles

    It's there.
  12. 2017 Congratulations Set - Who's In?

    There is only one online dealer with a large position on these, and that's Modern Coin Mart.
  13. How accurate can the population numbers be ?

    So you offer a $0.50 credit to send a label in, but it costs $0.49 for a stamp? So you would net $0.01? Unless you are sending in 10+ labls at a time, not much of an incentive there. Maybe come up with a way to do it electronically?
  14. 2017 MS 70 Palladium Coin

    Limited Edition Silver Proof was 50k, not 75k. Congratulations set was 75k.
  15. 2017 Congratulations Set - Who's In?

    It is the second lowest proof, third if you want to count the 2011 Reverse Proof that was only part of the anniversary set: (1995-W Proof) 30,125 (2011-P Reverse Proof ) 99,882 (2017-S Proof) 125,000