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  1. Need a new slot added? Request a new slot here!

    Ali- I realize that, even though I do have coins that do not say that on the label that are in the set (we went around and around about this last time, lol). What I want to know is why they are not considered "Disney Characters", when they very clearly are? The label not withstanding (NGC decides what goes on the label), what determined that Cinderella belonged in the set, and Elsa does not? Or that Dumbo belongs, and Mowgli does not? There are several that cross over with the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Niue proof sets as well. For example, the 2016 proof set has Donald and Daisy, and several of the Mickey Through the Ages. Alice in Wonderland is in there. Several of the "Princess" coins. And all of the Frozen coins. Yet not one of the Frozen coins are included in the Disney Characters set. I bet if you asked the New Zealand mint, they would all be part of the set. Or is it just a "NGC said that's the way it is"? Thanks for your help.
  2. Need a new slot added? Request a new slot here!

    Hello. This is in regards to the Disney Character set from Niue. Is there a reason that none of the Jungle Book coins (4 of them) are included? I understand making all of the Pixar movie characters (Cars, Finding Nemo, Toy Story) not part of it since they are not strictly Disney per se. But the Jungle Book really does not make any sense to me not to be included? And for that matter, the (6) coins from the Frozen movie. You include many other Disney Princesses in the Disney Character set, but none of the most successful princess ever? Bambi makes it, Baloo doesn't. Dumbo makes it, Shere Kahn doesn't. Princess Tiana makes it, Anna and Elsa don't. Alice in Wonderland yes. Moana, no. Basically, is there any chance of adding the following coins to the Disney Characters set. And if not, what is the determining criteria? Anna 4395233-020 Elsa 4391991-030 Anna and Elsa 4510998-044 Olaf 4398103-022 Sisters 4515390-017 Kristoff and Sven 4401599-019 Mowgli and King Louie 4560584-003 Mowgli and Bagheera 4560584-011 Mowgli and Baloo 4560584-016 Mowgli and Shere Kahn 4560584-005 Moana and Maui 4515190-007 Thanks for your consideration.
  3. This thread is 13 years old
  4. Mercury Dime Question

    Let's say I have a 1945-S mercury dime. I send it in to be graded. In reality, it is a 1945-S micro S. Will NGC give it the micro S notation? Or does that need to be notated on the submission form?
  5. 2017s proof silver eagle

    You could be correct. Was going from memory.
  6. 2017s proof silver eagle

    I believe it was 75k for the congratulations set and 75k for the limited edition set.
  7. Why does NGC cert lookup require grade?

    I may be wrong, but I believe it's to help stop counterfeiting.
  8. 1921 Sandblasted/Antique Peace Dollar?

    Thank you @MarkFeld
  9. 1921 Sandblasted/Antique Peace Dollar?

    I have a 1921 with a similar finish. However, I was trying to decide whether or not to have it graded. I posted it to two different sites, trying to determine if I should get it graded or not. I know you can't always tell by the photos, but can the experts here tell me if they think the following coin has been cleaned? I am getting conflicting opinions, and I had no idea MarkFeld and RWB were the literal experts lol. Any opinions are welcome. To the OP, I do not mean to threadjack, just have a similar coin with a similar finish, so I thought it may pertain to your thread.
  10. Random and Unsolicited Request for a Cert Number

    I've actually contacted a few people through this site to purchase coins from them. Coins I could not find any other place, and coins that it did not seem the person I was contacting was going to collect any further. Both times, it has worked out great, where I was able to purchase the coins from 2 different people. Never once did I ask for the cert number though. However, before a deal was finalized, both members offered photos of the coins.
  11. Membership Renewal

    I know when purchasing the Premium membership, you get a $150 grading credit. I am wondering if you get this credit when renewing at the same level each year? I am coming up on my renewal date in April and am trying to decide what level to renew at. Thanks.
  12. New York Coin

    Coinbase just lost a court case, and they were forced to give over all their information to the IRS on the top 10,000 (based on value) accounts in their database. And they considered this a victory, because the IRS wanted access to every account.
  13. Colorized Coins [Yay or Nay - and why?I ]

    I love them, but only if they are issued from the mint like that, and they are legal tender. I collect the Disney coins issued by the New Zealand mint for the country of Niue, and some of them are really gorgeous.
  14. 2017 S Silver Eagle Proof slot

    When somebody sends in a 2017 S proof for grading, and it is not sealed in the original mint packaging, i.e. either the Congratulations set or the Limited Edition Silver proof set, it will not get either of the designations you mention. It will just be a Silver eagle proof with the S mint mark. Of course, take the others out of their holders and you have the exact same thing.
  15. 2017 S ASE

    I realize that. But you said "break up the set". So I assumed you meant the LE set.