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  1. This has been handled. NGC deleted the duplicate coin from the registry set.
  2. Never mind, I was able to figure it out with the email link you gave me. HOWEVER. How can there be two different slots for a 2017 (S) proof? One that says it is from the congratulation set, and one that is just a 2017 (S) proof? That makes no sense at all. Since all 2017 proofs with the S mint mark came in Congratulation Sets, why is there a separate notation? You can't get a 2017 (S) proof that was not in the Congratulation set. In the picture below, the two highlighted coins are the exact same thing.
  3. Where? I do not see it.
  4. It also says I only have 1 available coin when I have 2.
  5. I am trying to add coin #2719615-001 to my Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Mint State, Specimen, and Proof, Including Varieties set. It is not showing up and I am not getting any points for it. When I try to add it, it says it is already there. It simply will not add it. Not sure what the issue is.
  6. Looking to trade for this coin. Must be NGC slabbed, MS69. PM me if you have one you might want to trade. I have an extra 2017-S PF69 that I would be willing to use in trade plus other items. Thanks.
  7. Man, that was impossible to read. Let alone the formatting. I take it you are upset with the grades you received?
  8. Good day. I have a question regarding how you assign a "point" value to a coin. In looking at some of my coins, it seems scarcity is not that much of a determining factor? Take for example the 2017 Silver Eagle Proof. The one for the West Point mint gets a point value of say 234 points for a PF69. A PF69 from the Congratulations set is worth the same amount of points. Even though there were tens of millions of the W mint mark, and only 75,000 of the S mint mark. So does NGC just say they are all 2017 proofs and assign a point value as such? Irregardless of where it was minted? I notice the 2015 mint strike coins from the Philadelphia mint are assigned a value extremely close to just a regular mint strike, even though only 79,000 were minted in Philadelphia. So if this is the case, why such an enormous point differential between say a 1995 proof struck in Philadelphia and the 1995 proof struck at West Point. And again if where it was minted and the scarcity of the number graded from each mint is meaningless, why has NGC gone out of their way to issue different slabs where the only difference is the mint on the label. If it doesn't matter in terms of a point value assigned, or the NGC value, why differentiate the mints on the labels?
  9. The "other" S coin is only going to be released as part of the limited edition silver proof set. And take it from me, someone who just tried to find a graded example from the 2016 limited edition set, they will be harder to find than the congratulation set proof. Plus, I am hearing they are limiting the LE silver proof sets to 50,000 sets. People have to send in the entire set to get graded. You can't just send in the eagle. So they tend to keep them together as a set. My advice is if you collect them, get one as soon as you can. But that's just me.
  10. Hello. Thanks for all you guys and gals do. It is really appreciated. I have a 2016(P) MS69 Silver Eagle. I have entered the certification number into my collection. However, when I do to add it to my registry, it says I have no coins available. The cert # is 4554746-040. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Hello. In looking at the NIUE set for Disney characters, I noticed that none of the Frozen coins are listed. They are: 1. Elsa 2. Anna 3. Anna and Elsa 4. Sisters 5. Olaf 6. Kristoff and Sven If you are going to include all the princesses as part of this set, shouldn't these be there as well? Thanks.
  12. Sorry, one more. I noticed on May 8th, every single silver eagle set in the registry took a pretty substantial hit on their points. Every single set decreased in points. Why is this? Thanks.
  13. I had someone try to register a coin that was in my possession/collection. I received an email from NGC saying someone else was trying to register it. I had to reply back within 3 days, or the coin would be removed from my collection and "given" to this other person. When you reply back, it gives you the option to leave a message for the other person. I did, along with my email, and asked him to contact me, that I had the coin in my possession. I never heard from him or NGC again, and the coin is still listed in my collection. Hoping he just entered a number incorrectly.
  14. Thanks so much. Appreciated.
  15. When will the census information and NGC value numbers be available on the NGC certification website? Right now all it says is N/A. Thanks.