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  1. presidental coin and chronicles set

    My sets only have the coin and medal graded. The stamp stays with the OGP if you have it. Edit to add you can send all 5 sets on a single form. However, you will need to list coin, medal, coin medal etc if you want the coins to be numbered in pairs. Your NGC cert number is your invoice number-coin number. So coin would be 001, medal 002, coin 003, medal 004. So unless you want the pairs to all be 001,002 then 1 form is fine.
  2. how to view certified coins Click on Submission Tracking Click on the appropriate invoice number.
  3. Need a new slot added? Request a new slot here!

    Thanks Maribeth. The company I have purchased the 2017 Season's Greeting from showed the Disney Characters Label. Since all of the other Season's Greetings were in this set, I assumed this one would be as well. I will wait until I have the coin in hand. Thanks.
  4. Need a new slot added? Request a new slot here!

    Hello. Can we please get the following slots added to the Silver $2, Disney Characters, 2014-Date, Proof: Bambi 75th Anniversary 2017 Season's Greetings Thanks.
  5. I am looking for both of these coins in PF70. OGP and COA a big plus. Willing to pay top dollar.
  6. 2017s silver eagle authentic hand signed

    I would say more than just bullion, as it is a proof from SF.
  7. 2017s silver eagle authentic hand signed

    they sell out in 6 minutes and they are still designating early release.
  8. 2016 M70 San Francisco struck

    It's only worth the value of the silver, or about $8700. Not sure what he thinks he has here.
  9. Need a new slot added? Request a new slot here!

    Need a slot for Moana and Maui. I am not sure which collection it belongs to? #4515190-007. Thank you.
  10. 1963 PF 69 Quarter asking $125. NGC value of $250. Shipping is $4. ***SOLD***1996 Silver Eagles, key date. Have 5, asking $47 each. Includes capsules. Shipping is $4. Will combine shipping. Paypal Goods and Services Only. Feel free to PM me. Thanks.
  11. Can't Add A Coin

    This has been handled. NGC deleted the duplicate coin from the registry set.
  12. Can't Add A Coin

    Never mind, I was able to figure it out with the email link you gave me. HOWEVER. How can there be two different slots for a 2017 (S) proof? One that says it is from the congratulation set, and one that is just a 2017 (S) proof? That makes no sense at all. Since all 2017 proofs with the S mint mark came in Congratulation Sets, why is there a separate notation? You can't get a 2017 (S) proof that was not in the Congratulation set. In the picture below, the two highlighted coins are the exact same thing.
  13. Can't Add A Coin

    Where? I do not see it.
  14. Can't Add A Coin

    It also says I only have 1 available coin when I have 2.
  15. Can't Add A Coin

    I am trying to add coin #2719615-001 to my Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Mint State, Specimen, and Proof, Including Varieties set. It is not showing up and I am not getting any points for it. When I try to add it, it says it is already there. It simply will not add it. Not sure what the issue is.