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  1. Not a big deal, but I have always wondered about the numbering when ranking sets. Say you have someone if first place, someone in second place, and then say 3 people are tied for third place. After that, currently it shows the next set as #4, when in reality it is #6 due to the tie for third place. Like I said, not a big deal. More curious than anything.
  2. Now wait just a minute. How are we to believe anything you say, when just a few days ago you said you were leaving, yet here you are? Im Outta Here!!
  3. I will never, ever understand the need for "goodbye" posts. Just frigging go. Nobody cares.
  4. Since you are just stacking, then anything that is not a "brand name" will work. So avoid Engelhard, Johnson Mathey, Geiger Edelmatelle. These will all have much higher premiums than what are considered "generic" bars.
  5. I have found that 10 ounce bars are the best. When you start getting into 20 ounce, kilos, 50 or 100 ounce bars, they can be a little harder to get rid of if you need to sell. 10 ounce bars opens up the market to a lot more people. As for what kind of bars, are you collecting or stacking? Meaning is the collectability of a bar what is important to you, or are you strictly trying to amass weight?
  6. Not 1, but two threads. Albeit, the other thread is only 14 years old.
  7. Then why aren't they posting the mintage on their website? It only says product limit.
  8. I have never once been asked to provide a "shipping from" address when shipping a package. Informed Delivery is a great resource, but for incoming packages only. For outgoing, you still need to manually enter the tracking number. To the OP, hopefully your package arrives safely. The insurance you purchased is now moot, since you need your receipt to prove the amount.