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  1. I am always late to the party. This is awesome news! I suppose I will have to retract my scathing review when pcgs was tossed out. A few good things came about, 1st , most of my pcgs coins were sold and upgraded to NGC and most importantly , now I can fill a few holes that are available in pcgs but ridiculously overpriced in ngc! Thanks again !
  2. both very valid comments. I have allways just collected ms 69 coins solely for the costs. Greed I would say drives me to buy the 70's. The resale value on these coins is ridiculous. All for not tho cause I can never sell my coins!
  3. I have recently started upgrading my ASE collection to proof and MS 70. One of my purchases has a tiny speck on it . It is a graded proof 70 coin by NGC , my question is, does milk spots change the grade of a coin if it occurs after the grade has been determined? This will have serious ramifications if it indeed does lower an existing grade! What would be the purpose of collecting ms or proof 70 coins if after a period of time they are rendered worthless because of the minting process?
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    can you still post pcgs coins to your collections?