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  1. I am not sure which forum to put this post so I apologize if this thread should not be here. Does the color detract from value? Does the coin have any value that makes it "special?" I find the color more intriguing to the eye than the standard shiny coin. Thanks for your help
  2. Does the color detract from value? I find the color more intriguing to the eye than the standard shiny coin.
  3. Grade? Is this worth looking into? Thanks for all inputs
  4. Looking through coins and bills inherited recently and came across a $1 silver certificate with an uneven cut. Is this worth looking into? Is the grade high or low?
  5. Thanks for the response. I think I will hold off on the pics for brg, I have enough enemies as it is.
  6. Thanks! I have hundreds of wheat pennies and hundreds of readable dates buffalo nickels. Couple of morgan dollars, 1940's nickels, rolls and rolls of quarters and dimes, some indian head pennies, indian head $2.50 coins. I have some coins I don't know what they are, they look like old nickels (before Jefferson), old silver certificate bills of all denominations. I took the whole lot to a coin dealer and he estimated it at $1,200 worth of stuff. I separated all pennies and nickels out by date and put in individual bags. He didn't look at individual coins just looked at bags and estimated
  7. I hope the pictures show well. Thanks for your time.
  8. I am new to coin searching/collecting due to inheriting coins from my parents estate. I am sorry right away for a silly noob question but I have found a 2001 P nickel with a matte like appearance to it. I tried to look up 2001 matte finish sets or nickel hoping to learn more about it but can't find anything. What am I missing.? Compared to other 2001 nickels this coin shows Jefferson's hair awesome. I also found a 1919 penny which was struck wrong. The front has a backwards "U" and "N" stamped to the left of Lincoln. I assume this is part of "Unum" and on the backside it is all jacked u